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Tallest girl in the world gets married the lowest guy video storytelling

Stories and News No. 666

I read that the tallest girl in the world, the Brazilian Elisany Silva da Cruz, 6 feet 9 inches, will marry her boyfriend, Francinaldo da Silva.
Who is not tall at all...

It will be a great party.
One of those to really remember.

It will not be for the celebrated couple.
Although they are worthy of best magazine covers.
The highest and the lowest.
Abducted pictures more or less with impunity.
No, that day other stuff will gain light.
Because otherwise, what fun you would find that day watching things you’ve already seen?
A beautiful wedding, of course.
Nothing new, from this point of view.
In the formulas of the ritual, as in traditional habits.

Yet it will remain in the eye.
The one enough big to hold the dreams.

It will not be for gifts.
There will be, of course.
It's the day that, by good fortune, should be recollected as unique.
The only one.
Introducing yourself with poor gifts would be a crime.
Showing up empty-handed, it would be even worse.
Do not coming at all, but sending something anyway would be the most terrible of sins.
Because when will you have such a wedding?

A day that you would like everlasting.
Or at least enough to take away a fragment in the heart.

It will not be because of the abundance of food.
Sure, it will be sufficient.
To remove appetite and above all capable of the maximum result.
Read as closing the mouth of the most talkative guy at the table.
The desserts will leave you breathless and the drinks will make drunk even the soul prisoners, in body and emotions.
I assure you, they will dance, crazily dance.
Nevertheless, we are still off the road.
On the other hand, weddings and not all the same, but it is always a special event.
However, this one will not be transcribed in the common memory for the extraordinary nature of the married, nor for the wonder of the gifts and even less for the tastiness of food.

Because when the tallest girl marries the low man the magic is in the words.
The tallest and lowest.
Poorest and richest.
Most beautiful and ugliest.
And so on.
It means that everyone can love everyone.
And all the best is still possible...

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