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Stories about life: Tank man of tiananmen square

Stories and News No. 672

The tank and him.

This is the picture in history.
Who was he?
This is the question that accompanies it.
Wang Weilin, the unknown protester or rebel, the tank man.
The white shirt and black pants guy.
This is what we know.

The arrested and shot student.
Died in prison.
Hidden and maybe tortured.
Fled, but still dead.
Alive, perhaps still alive, but away from the noise of the time.
Read also as the earned right to be forgotten of History writers.
This is between what is told.

A young brave or just reckless person.
An idealistic, or perhaps a little dreamer teen.
An already made man, despite his age, able to put everything on one side of the scales even when there is nothing for most of us on the other.
Something incredibly light and almost invisible, as only the more real utopias can be.
This is what we assume.

Wang Weilin, the unknown rebel.
The tank man.
That is, the tank boy.
But who was he, really?
And most importantly, who is he today?
This we probably know.

We should just open our eyes.
And find a square.
No matter where it is.
No matter how big.
It will be enough to wait for the tank.
If you see it coming, from afar.
You will know who he is.
If you will observe it closely advancing.
Well, then, be brave.
Because you'll be him...

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