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Stories about life: Ugliest dog in the world

Stories and News No. 675

At the 26th competition of World ugliest dog the winner was Peanut.
The owner, Holly Chandler, has revealed that his ugliness is due to ill-treatment and burns on many parts of the body when the dog was just a puppy.
Here are some words stolen from the acceptance speech.
By Peanut, of course.

Thanks, but sorry.
Yes, I know.
Not great as a start.
But what can I do?
I say what I think.
So, do not expect from me words for granted.
Like I want to dedicate this award to my agent or my mother.
To other candidates, which are also really ugly.
To the poor in Africa.
And to those next to us.
Rather, I would like to take advantage of the glory of the moment to focus on my disabilities.
Yes, let's be honest about.
When you win is beautiful, I agree.
But, as they say, what you see is not all beautiful.
Then, in my case the meaning is literal.
Sure, some may argue that esthetical appearance is not everything.
There are other qualities, isn’t it?
Well, let's be clear: it is not my case.
That’s why the excuses above.
The fact is that, as well as being ugly, I cannot do anything.
Oh, I said it.
Now I feel better.
I am not able to bring back the stick or the ball, so it is useless for you to throw.
I will never offer you a leg, so do not get on your knees waiting for the miracle, that is bad for your back.
I do not wag my tail, never.
Not even when I'm happy.
Especially in that case.
I am discreet, emotionally speaking.
So I do not gnash when anger rises.
But this does not mean I am not irritated.
I do not chase cats, of any kind.
What else?
I do not bark.
And I'm not deaf, okay?
I speak only when I really have something to say.
However, every time this happens an atrocious doubt invades me: am I sure that whoever is in front of me is really listening?
So I bite my tongue a moment before giving a breath.
Read me as well as the suspicious taciturn guy with the painful tongue.
Anyway, thank you for the award.
And forgive me if I cannot do anything.
I am sorry for that but not for everything.
I go quite proud of one inability.
I did not know to hurt any creature on earth, torturing him with inhuman cruelty.
Men will always be better than me, on this.
Or incredibly uglier...

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