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Summer break

Hello everybody, Those who follow the blog with more or less assiduity have perhaps noticed the reduced continuity in the publication of stories. That was desired. I just slowed down. And today I will stop. It's just a break. To rest, but also and above to think. Consistent with things written and said in late 2013. That’s the reason why I leave you, even if only for a summer, with those exact words, hoping to still follow them. See you soon, Alessandro Also on Stories and News: Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: Powered by FeedBurner

Israel Palestine conflict story video: we the public

Stories and News No. 677 Imagine a stage. The screen of a cinema. Or even the pages of a book. In short a show. A story told over again. Always, even when you do not listen. Especially at that time. One of those slow plots, which can be resumed at any point. And you do not have any difficulty in recapture the thread of the story. Call it war. Stories of travel and war, the only two possibilities, so it seems to work. Here we have a war. Because everything can be but a trip, this time. It’s hard to travel when you are a prisoner in a scrap of land surrounded by a wall hardened by determined and obsessive hatred. However, if the stories are trips or wars, only the former really tell something new. A trip generates emotions and places, a child becomes a man and a woman becomes a child, and whether or not we return home, tomorrow everything will be different. On the contrary, the war is a false narrative. It consciously does it, even if it suggests ideals or reasons to j

Stories about life: the Jewish girl

Stories and News No. 676 It took about 80 years. And here's the truth: Hessy Levinson (today Taft), winner of the contest held in Nazi Germany during the '30s to elect the Aryan ideal child, was actually Jewish. It’s the story of long competitions. The outcome is ever awaited. I am not referring to awards and applauses. Those are always for the winners. And the winners are always the same, right? The surprise is an exception and a moment later becomes normal. Because even the outsiders with trophy in hand and lights in the eyes, sooner or later, gets crazy. Nevertheless, long life to the time. Yes, time can be a tedious narrator. But at the end of all, if you wish to see marvelous effect you have to wait. No really patient spectator was never disappointed so far. So it happens that finally the long contests judge opens the envelope. And here's the bombshell. The perfect Aryan child is a Jewish girl. But not only that. There, on the very far horizon, in