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Connection video story

Stories and News No. 681 You are all crazy. You believe we are all silly. I had already heard it, but now I read even the New York Times suspects. They are connected to the CIA. That is, behind these beheadings there are the Americans themselves. That’s madness. It’s the usual conspiratorial mania about hidden things, mysteries. It's absurd. It's like saying, you know, that Native Americans were the good guys and the cowboys were the bad ones. Do you realize? A family of pioneers walks with his caravan in the west and come screaming savages, all painted, capture them and get the scalp. And the good are them? But you've seen the movie or what do you talk about? The CIA behind them ... So to speak, is like saying that the Americans have invaded Afghanistan for oil, and not to find Bin Laden. Again with this story of oil, find another excuse. Yes, I know that at that time there was no evidence that Bin Laden was in Afghanistan, and then it turned out that

Love stories to read: Skeletons lovers hand in hand

Stories and News No. 680 In the chapel of San Morrell, in Hallaton, England, the remains of a couple were found , probably buried there, and not in the main church of the city, because foreign, criminals, or sick people. The two are hand in hand… Here, you discovered us. We were there, below the skin and above it, in front of you. We have always been here, in front of you. Today is a great day because everything is very tender. Because the bones are the same for everyone, right? Because two hands, even interwoven into one another, are harmless if nothing draw in the audience eyes. Evoke. Waking nightmares in the maze of the most obtuse fears. Well, we have not forgotten. “ We do not want them next to us, even by dead. Because they were wrong. And if nature was wrong with them, who are we to change the story? God, maybe? ” We, too, have never been God, not even in the dreams. Especially in the dreams. Because when you have everything in one hand, and you already know

Bear Daniza dead in Italy video story

Stories and News No. 679 So they say. So the experts say. The female bear Daniza is dead because of the anesthesia. Or the drug that was given. At a sure distance. Because courage means far, when it's just a word. Empty of all meaning. Let alone other words. As humanity and respect. Nevertheless, magic is still not among the expert weapons. Yes, magic. Because only magic could reveal what actually happened in the animal. The mom bear, who has become a living target for the most unacceptable of sins. The mere nature. Mother. Mother who naturally cares of her creatures. Read it as well as the uncomfortable side of love. However, where the expert ends the show begins. Of naive passion or simple empathy. Towards a life that fight and die. To remain normal. So, here we can see beyond the limits of the rational, the soul of Daniza. Yes, the soul. An animal with a soul. Because if there's anyone on this planet who perhaps owns one, certainly is not us. We are the

Innocent death row video the killer eyes

Stories and News No. 678 They see. They watch silently. Somewhere, out there. They are observing Henry Lee McCollum, 50 years old, on the road again. The last 31 years spent in prison, sentenced to death. He’s innocent. Because in 1983 he was just a boy. Perhaps unfortunate because black. Or just poor and uneducated. Who knows. The sky, the earth, or whatever you pray, bless DNA testing. Which brings light to a life. Stolen youth and an infinite number of moments. Maybe not all serene. But potentially good. And for the poor and unwell educated of this world serenity is the real black gold. Black, again, an often used color when talking about injustice in the so-called free world. They read. They listen, without comment. Somewhere on this planet. And so they learn that Henry said he did not feel any anger. That after all these years taken with impunity he does not have anger in his heart. The story spreads in a few hours on the media. "There are still