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Bear Daniza dead in Italy video story

Stories and News No. 679

So they say. So the experts say.
The female bear Daniza is dead because of the anesthesia.
Or the drug that was given.
At a sure distance.
Because courage means far, when it's just a word.
Empty of all meaning.
Let alone other words.
As humanity and respect.
Nevertheless, magic is still not among the expert weapons.
Yes, magic. Because only magic could reveal what actually happened in the animal.
The mom bear, who has become a living target for the most unacceptable of sins.
The mere nature. Mother. Mother who naturally cares of her creatures.
Read it as well as the uncomfortable side of love.
However, where the expert ends the show begins. Of naive passion or simple empathy.
Towards a life that fight and die. To remain normal.
So, here we can see beyond the limits of the rational, the soul of Daniza.
Yes, the soul.
An animal with a soul.
Because if there's anyone on this planet who perhaps owns one, certainly is not us.
We are the last on earth to justify its existence.
Indeed, we prove the opposite.
Here, we review the scene.
The bear that stops. Still, because conscious. Not tired. Only respectful.
Respect for time that should never be eternal.
Otherwise, the stories do not end up and no one could tell.
Nor hearing them.
The vile prick gets the skin of the scandalous mother while she greets it.
With the courage that, in this case, is much more than a word.
She collapses, with elegance. Because the output stage is important.
It’s what's left to the guilty eye.
But also to the simple witness.
It's true, it's all there. What you see.
She will not be awake.
But no one can deny the possibility, much less the experts mentioned above, that the same Daniza choose to stop.
Because for some dreams are much better.
Than the world that kills them.
And because, for some among them, the dreams are so alive.
To die for.
And sons.

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