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Connection video story

Stories and News No. 681

You are all crazy.
You believe we are all silly.
I had already heard it, but now I read even the New York Times suspects.
They are connected to the CIA.
That is, behind these beheadings there are the Americans themselves.
That’s madness.
It’s the usual conspiratorial mania about hidden things, mysteries.
It's absurd.
It's like saying, you know, that Native Americans were the good guys and the cowboys were the bad ones.
Do you realize?
A family of pioneers walks with his caravan in the west and come screaming savages, all painted, capture them and get the scalp.
And the good are them?
But you've seen the movie or what do you talk about?
The CIA behind them...
So to speak, is like saying that the Americans have invaded Afghanistan for oil, and not to find Bin Laden.
Again with this story of oil, find another excuse.
Yes, I know that at that time there was no evidence that Bin Laden was in Afghanistan, and then it turned out that he was hiding in Pakistan, but who told you that he was not first in Afghanistan and then, when the Americans came, went on Pakistan.
The oil...
Now, just because the Bush family is from Texas and they were right in the oil business, this does not necessarily mean that they had an ulterior reason to make war.
Always thinking evil, behold, this is the problem.
To see evil where there is good.
Good is on one side and all the evil on the other hand, it is so simple, why do you have to complicate things?
The CIA and them...
It's like saying that weapons of mass destruction were not in Iraq.
How do you just think such thing?
So what? Do you think that during all these wars in the Gulf millions of civilians have died with a scam?
And for what?
For oil, yet?
But this is an obsession.
The wars are made because there are enemies, terrorists.
Who behead people in the videos.
Just watch the videos.
That there are also videos with the dead children in Palestine?
This is bad taste, those have pulled the rockets.
No, not the kids, the adults, but Israel has a right to defend themselves.
Not against children… but what is your problem?
You see? You just want to create confusion.
Things are simple.
The enemy is there and we are here.
The CIA and them are friends...
Let's say that this is so, that you're right.
Religion has nothing to do and US are using this thing to have a pretext to bomb Syria, as they have done in Afghanistan and Iraq, according to you, is clear.
So, they are kidding?
It's all a sham?
Millions of innocent victims to enrich the oil companies?
So, to them, the rest of us are idiots to maneuver and control?
No, it cannot be.
It cannot be…

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