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Love stories to read: Skeletons lovers hand in hand

Stories and News No. 680

In the chapel of San Morrell, in Hallaton, England, the remains of a couple were found, probably buried there, and not in the main church of the city, because foreign, criminals, or sick people.
The two are hand in hand…

Here, you discovered us.
We were there, below the skin and above it, in front of you. We have always been here, in front of you.
Today is a great day because everything is very tender.
Because the bones are the same for everyone, right?
Because two hands, even interwoven into one another, are harmless if nothing draw in the audience eyes.
Waking nightmares in the maze of the most obtuse fears.
Well, we have not forgotten.
We do not want them next to us, even by dead. Because they were wrong. And if nature was wrong with them, who are we to change the story?
God, maybe?
We, too, have never been God, not even in the dreams. Especially in the dreams.
Because when you have everything in one hand, and you already know that all that will live and die with you, under the skin, over time, up to a day like today... well, you can afford the luxury of not asking anything to anyone.
Not even God.
Here, you've discovered us. That there was nothing underneath. That we were not hiding curses, but neither treasures.
And that heat beyond was normal, simple.
For all, it is clear.
But not for us.
You may accept all for that heat.
Also be forgotten.
Before and after.
More than ever in the exact moment when the book closes.
It turns off the light.
The world is big and it can be terribly cruel.
But, fortunately, is not omnipotent.
It can bind incredible armies and angry mobs getting anything but as well as hide wonders in the sand.
So then the wind will do its job.
One of the many servants of the time.
And the lives that deserved to be listen will come to light.
There, now you have really discovered us.
It 'now time to really listen to our story.
Because if love is over the bones, let alone as an insignificant veil the skin and everything else are.

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