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Stories about life in Italy: Brain dead woman gives birth to baby

Stories and News No. 686

At San Raffaele hospital in Milan, a 36 years old brain dead woman is expecting a baby.
A this time the doctors are working to ensure the new life come to light.
Saluting the old one.
At this time...

The first dance.
The first dance together is never forgotten.
The reasons are endless.
Unknown to most people.
Because there are no words in the world, which may tell the idea of the moment.
As a lifetime.
Not as much long as a life, of course.
Not as much.
But as a lifetime in many other meanings.
There, inside you.
There, inside of me.

The first dance, this one, is now.
I know you can hear me, mother.
I know that somewhere, you hide.
From life.
I know you can see me, son.
I know that somewhere, you found me.
In life.

The first dance does not need music.
A perfect evening.
Where everything is great.
Where there is food for all, drinking and laughing.
And you do anything to stop time.
We do not.
We do not need to stop the clock.
We do not need anything.
Everything is you.
Everything and me.
Follow my steps.
I follow my steps.
Because the day they will be the same is near.

The first dance can be the first of many.
Or a few.
More than just one.
But they are not entirely devoid of emotion and warmth.
However, where the first dance and the last one match... stop everything.
Turn on the lights.
No, do not applaud.
Get up and leave the room, but before look at us.
It's a privilege we give with confidence.
Because our first and last dance is repeated forever.
In your eyes, Mom.
In yours, son.
And all those who will remember this day.

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