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Touching stories about life: The girl that doesn't age

Stories and News No. 682

Brooke Greenberg, the girl who doesn’t age, is dead 20 years old in Maryland, United States.
She passed away in a body that proved little more than a year.
And the rush to understand where is the secret of her unnatural resistance to aging, beyond the evil that condemned her since birth, seems to have already left.
Because the elixir of eternal life has been and always will be the most coveted mirage of humanity.
A secret.

A secret, yes, a precious one.
Here it is.

My name is Brooke and I have lived twenty years.
Twenty years in a small space, as only the body of a little girl could be.
They say 76 cm and 7 pounds.
Well, I never paid attention to the numbers.
This is not a secret, in fact.

The child who doesn’t age, this is the title of my novel.
Indeed, of the movie.
They will do this, you'll see.
I'm curious to know who will play myself.
Sure, the plot is predictable.
Birth, 20 years and the end.
But this too is not a secret, I agree.

Today newspapers' front pages are my home.
Maybe even some TV show will host my story.
Among commercials I will have my limelight.
Too bad that this is the last scene of mine.
Before the end credits.
No secret here, it is obvious.

Maybe they will talk about me again tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.
In a documentary.
A video on Youtube.
Even a Facebook page dedicated to my story.
But then the time will pass and other high-profile cases will flock to the screen, removing the expired stories.
Secret? No way.

My parents did not forget me, how could they?
I will become a nice picture on the fireplace.
Subject of conversation at a dinner with friends and family.
Even the love that was and remained.
Above all.
Although for a limited time.
But who could ask for more?
Okay, here too the secret does not exist.

I'll be a DNA to study.
Observed with extreme care.
A slide with the label bearing my name.
There, between the tiny folds of my genes, the mystery is hidden.
The eternal youth.
The so-called magic that has protected me from the siege of wrinkles for my whole life.
A secret? Of course it is.

But it is not the only one inside of me.
And luckily for me there was more to discover in my albeit brief existence.
You don’t need any futuristic microscopes for this.
It's in my eyes.
Hurry up and read the first few pages before they get rid of me...

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