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Cleveland police kill 12 year old boy: the 3 rules of the game

Stories and News No. 693

The video showing the Cleveland police shooting a twelve years old African American boy has been recently shared.
The blame?
The child - because at twelve years old you are just a child, had a gun in his hands.
A toy one...

My name is Tamir Rice.
Yes, my name is.
Not was.
Because the images remain.
The words as well, I hope.
For future wisest memory.
More human, maybe
I lost, all right.
You have deleted me, defenders of the people.
Heroes of the rights of all.
Without cape or tights.
But still recognizable among the common citizens.
The so-called civilians.
You have erased me from the game.
However, let me say, you have made a serious mistake.
In this game, as in the story that tells it.
Dear paladins that save our roads, rules are important.
The game rules are everything.
They are clear, you cannot say the opposite.
Even a child understands them.
And even a child reminds them.
There are few, among other things.
Just three.
The perfect number, they say.
Well, in the little time I played, I realized that in the game as in love perfection is wrong.
Only the victory is, like death.
But then it's all over and so there is no taste.
Otherwise, why keep playing if you cannot lose?
Otherwise, why continue to love if you do not believe that it will be forever?
The first rule is the easiest.
You play because you know at that time is the best thing you can do.
Alone or with others.
You see when someone feels compelled.
He’s the one who tries to smile the most.
The second rule is equally elementary.
Anyone can play, if he wish so.
Because if you leave someone out, most of the time is the one who could make the game better.
Much better.
The third rule is even shorter, but it is the most important.
The game is a serious thing.
It’s naive to think you can play without believe it is all true, except what's left out.
From the game.
And it is an unforgivable sin pretending to live the rest of time as if it were a game, when it is anything but.
Like going around to serve and protect with a charge gun.
A true one...

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