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Explaining homosexuality to a child video: the magical rubber

Stories and News No. 694

Explaining homosexuality to children is easy, writer Roberto Saviano said today.

I agree.
I try...

Take the paper.
Blank, possibly.
So nothing might suggest the best road.
Imagine, now.
Imagine and draw two people who love each other.
Do not worry.
Go ahead without haste.
It’s a drawing, it may be not perfect.
But the idea does, because no one will ever scratch it.
Only you.
Now, hold this.
Yes, I know.
It’s just a rubber.
A normal eraser, apparently.
Yet it is magical.
Because I imagined so before giving to you.
As once I’ve written, magic is always in the intentions.
What is its miracle?
This rubber removes the superfluous, the useless baggage that slows down the way.
Let alone the flight.
Take the paper and the rubber.
Look at the two people you have created.
Those who love each other.
Clear out the unnecessary.
Send away the heavy as empty words.
Above all, as if they had never existed, forget shapes and colors that do nothing but confuse.
Stifling the best.
The beauty that deserves the price of admission.
Well, now admire.
Admire the only reason that makes to be here important.
Two people who love each other.
Only this.
Only this counts.
And only this will remain.
Forever and ever.

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