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Passengers push plane in Russia video: who remain on board

Stories and News No. 692

In Siberia, at -52C, passengers must push the plane to facilitate the take-off, since the carriage was blocked due to the freezing of the brake fluid.
So the flight continued.
On the other hand, the problem is never who gets down to push...

Those who remain.
Those who remain on board.
You may easily see those who remain on board.
Indeed, you may listen to them.
They are the loudest to shout.
Those who claim to be angry.
And tired.
Yes, you read that right.

Those who remain on board are the ones who complain the most.
And they are also the ones that have many things to tell you about it.
Why the plane has stopped.
Why it does not fly anymore.
Why we all are in the ground.
Unacceptable nightmare.
Because when you fly you can always brag of being in first class.
And you can always curse everybody not to be there.
Hard to do, when the toy breaks for all.

Those who remain on board are all the same, tell me if I am wrong.
The chilling emptiness in the eyes.
The confused fidgeting of equally inconsistent hands.
And above all that unpleasant noise.
Read as well as the dull regurgitation of words chosen with closed eyes.
As heart and brain.
Everything tight, except the belly.
Free to attack the first passenger around.

Those who remain on board do not see light outside the window.
His window, that’s clear.
Because to see the others they should get up, and then ...
It’s useless, they know it.
You're a naive, my dear.
You will be deluded, little one.
You are going towards secure disappointments, all of you.
You that leave the place to go down.
That a push is enough to fly.

Those who remain on board.
Maybe, without them, the plane would never stopped...

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