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Standing sentinels Italy story: we are coming

Stories and News No. 690

Italian standing sentinels, we are with you.
We have understood.
We have got the message, brothers and sisters.
Where and between the latter two words is not random.
As husband and wife.
Wife or husband is bad, we agree.
Husband and wife, alleluia.
We agree with everything you say.
Even if you keep quiet.
That’s better, in fact.
No, we are not ironic.
We are serious.
Silence is good for us.
Above all you remain still, we will arrive soon, but we explain this at the end.
You are for natural family.
That’s right.
Nature is good.
To be born, live, die.
And return, as you believe.
This is true, we are a living proof.
Quite the contrary, but we clarified this after too.
Life is simple, you are very right.
To sleep and to eat.
Not eating everything.
Nature donate food.
Men and women are made naturally.
Therefore, all men and women are food.
Also the strange latter syllogism will become clear at the end.
You are against man and man making a family.
Woman and woman too.
Bad, very bad, it’s a long time we said it.
If you cannot adopt, you are not able to have children.
Bad, very bad.
Incredibly bad.
Many, many children, are the best.
For all.
Children are not fast.
They go slow.
They are good and sweet.
But they still move.
You are perfect, however.
Sentinels, thanks.
Continue to read and tell everybody days and towns where you stand.
We will come soon.
When we arrive, keep reading.
Do not move your head.
Too bad!
Raising the head is a mortal sin.
Then, when we will be next to you, you may watch us.
It will be too late.
And we will do the last supper.

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