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Stories about life: magic story of Jordan

Stories and News No. 688

A dog named Jordan, stolen seven years ago to Mike Nuanes, who lives near Atlanta, Georgia, was found in Denver thanks to the microchip.
Magical gift.
Miracle of technology, of course.
The rest of the story will put things affixed.
The magic of imagination...

Here I am, Mike.
We're back together.
Oops, I correct.
Without back.
We are together.
What I have done in the past seven years?
Excuse me, what are you talking about?
You see me grow up? Aged? Weighed down by time and fleas?
Dude, you are not Dog Pitt.
No, don’t be offended.
This is a day of celebration.
As it was yesterday and will be tomorrow.
With everything in between.
And nothing now.
Seven years? Eighty-four months, you say? More than thirty thousand days?
Well, I realized that you can count, but it is a wasted effort.
Close your eyes and open them again.
A second, not more than a second.
How did I do?
Magic, just magic.
Dog magic, however, that does not hide pigeons and rabbits in the jacket as in the top hat.
Because we magicians dogs respect the animals, for those we love too.
Unless the above sign a release, but that's another story.
Another magic.
Mine is simple and seven years disappear.
I eat a bite the first year, for starvation.
Of never forgotten affection.
I scratch the second one off, like a flea expelled for misconduct.
Listen, I understand the need, one day, two, but the third you go, baby.
I run after the third year, such as the classic stick.
But I do not bring it back, I leave it where it is.
Far away.
The fourth year I become blind and cannot see it anymore.
Pretend blindness, of course, cheater dog style.
The year number five is abolished, didn’t you know?
Why you did not read the press release? Here it is, put on glasses, approach...
Look behind you, a wonderful girl is passing!
Turn around, dude, I tell you about the sixth.
There is no sixth year, because this is a leap year.
Yes, I know, this is hard to believe, but it is so, what can you do.
Fleas have entered in my brain too.
The following year there is a crisis, the famous seven-year itch, you know too.
And we're done.
Magic over.Here I am, Mike.
I was with you and I'm with you.
Magic and a story in the middle.

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