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Diversity stories: We Are You

Stories and News No. 695

Today, December 3, marks the United Nations' International Day of Persons with Disabilities.
I always thought that the gaps that distinguish us and often afflict us are until someone fills them for us.
Deleting them...

Differently abled.
Or, maybe it's better, just you.

You, who are here now.
Relax and enjoy the journey.
Because what you're missing, we have a lot.

If it is fantasy, we will give you the best colors, the ones that make wonderful the discreet, chosen on sunlight with frankly hardworking, no gift from photoshop.
We will not give you all the stories, but only those that will remain.
Forever and ever.
And we'll give you chords that will free the body from that pontificating pretentious guy up there, in the skull.
No eighth discovery, anyway
We will catch among the usual seven, do not worry.
Nothing is heard, when music translates the present day.
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If courage is what you are missing, here we are.
Turn and see us.
Stay on the enemy.
But you will know we are there.
The enemy looks at you.
And he will feel alone.
Against all.
Or read as before.

Even if it is the heat you might miss, you will need just a hand.
If you can, even two.
And throw them in opposite directions.
Yes, just like the chief of the great four heroes, the one with the stretching body.
Draw a circle with arms in front of you, and ends the work when you pleases.
What you hold is worth the effort.
Not everything is good.
The world here narrated is not the kingdom of the gullible.
It’s just a mere matter of statistics: the treasure is out there, somewhere.
All without exception, among those who until now allowed us a horizon, said it.

However, if it is something else you are missing and we will not be able to remedy the lack, we are you.
The disabled.
Or, maybe it's better, the differently disabled.

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