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Racism stories: ban colors

Stories and News No. 697

Yet another news of an African American man killed by the police in the United States is everywhere.
As the killings in 1919, the narrative presents the same unacceptable title.
I'm tired of this...

I offer radical solutions.
Let’s ban the colors.
Beautiful, huh?
I know.
Stop colors, stop racism.
And stop to pair of useless words in overvalued meanings.
White men and African American women, colored people or just black, yellows and mulattos, ebony skin and so on.
All away, simplicity time.
A few seconds and ... crash!
You will understand, without colors, no street lights too.
So, among other billion basic things, no more books.
Read as well as spells of black magic on white pages.
Because that’s what writing stories is.
Pure magic, nothing less, and much more.
I cannot abolish the colors?
Let’s ban the skin, then.
Brilliant, right?
Muscles and tendons, blood and heart, all in plain sight.
Stop again white girls and black children, mestizos and Creoles, all away, simplicity time.
Well this time too, a few seconds and... no, no crash.
But other unbearable empties.
The photographs of him, who no longer exists, and the beauty of her, who one day will return.
The perfect painted and sculpted shapes, serious injuries in the creation of the artist who was.
Imaginative memory erased and senses suddenly dead.
Not to mention the privilege of being a fingertip.
The gift of the caress will never be like before on the naked flesh without its natural dress.
Okay, okay, forgive the skin.
I said radical solutions, right?
Fine, we're serious, now.
Let’s ban the others.
This is the best I made up, sorry, but I applaud myself.
Thank you, thanks a lot, I say to me, because I am also modest.
Anyway, erase the others, stop every problem.
No more blacks, but also whites, who are the others for the latter, no more foreigners, but also aliens, strangers and new people, away everything that is not... us.
A few seconds and...
But so, who will read these words?
Hey, are you there?
Please, come back, I was joking, I get back all right.
The colors, the skin, the others, as usual.
Except for those cursed words.
Police kill black man...

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