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Racism stories: an inconvenient truth

Stories and News No. 698

I'm not racist, I want to put beforehand.
I just want a criteria of reality.
This story could also be called criteria of reality.
I have always believed that one of our biggest problems lies in our lack of criteria of reality.
Think of our planet.
The planet earth.
We call earth a planet which is made for the most part of water.
We should call it planet water, not earth.
Criteria of reality.
Think about us.
We define us as human beings.
Think carefully about human adjective.
Well, we are the last thing on this world that is definable human.
Saying that animals are often more human than us is trivial.
The stones, the stones are more human than us.
Criteria of reality.
Take the Christian commandments, the ten commandments.
You should not covet neighbor's stuff.
A stone does not want other stone’s stuff. They are both made of stone, so no wish.
At the same time, any of us, watching desirable things in other people’s house, we all hope to have them.
Criteria of reality.
Nevertheless, let’s go to the title, this thing of whites’ racism against blacks.
There is an enormous lack of criteria of reality, in my humble opinion.
Who is the fastest man in the world? Usain Bolt, the greatest sprinter in history.
And he is black.
He won many finals at the Olympics Games, where they are always all blacks.
But even the semifinals and quarters, you know that.
The marathon, the ten thousand meters, the five thousand, three thousand, fifteen hundred as well.
Blacks are always the ones who win.
But what about soccer?
Who is the strongest player in the world? Pelé and he is black.
Sorry Maradona or Messi, but Pelé won three world championships and seems to have scored more than 1200 goals...
Do we want to talk about music?
Who is the greatest guitarist in the history?
Jimi Hendrix and he is black.
The greatest guitarist is black.
And the biggest pop singer?
Michael Jackson and .. and he was black, I know.
Then he turned white, but in the beginning he was black, he was born black.
And what about the United States?
Who is the most powerful man in the US? Obama and he is black.
Do we want to talk about golf? Who is the greatest golfer in the world?
Tiger Woods is black and almost every year the highest paid sportsman on the planet.
And who is the world champion of Formula One? Lewis Hamilton and he is black.
English and black.
Do we want to talk about strength?
Think about the boxing.
The strongest boxers are all blacks.
And who is the greatest boxer in history? Muhammad Ali, who is also black.
Do we want to talk about basketball? Take a look at the NBA, choose a game at random, they are almost all blacks. The strongest are always blacks.
Finally we want to mention the size of... okay, we don’t talk about it, take it easy.
Criteria of reality, that's what we really miss.
This story about whites and blacks.
This thing about white racism towards blacks is a lie.
It is not racism.
It’s fear.
A terrible, agonizing fear.
Yet, despite what I said, I repeat.

I am not racist.

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