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Rome Mafia: what about the immigrants problem?

Stories and News No. 696

The news about convictions and ongoing investigations on the new mafia in Rome, with plots between fascist criminal gangs, entrepreneurs and representatives of right and left parties is everywhere in Italy.
Here is a satirical and fictional comment by an average citizen, an usual staunch defender of the native soil against the immigrant horde, preferred cause of his misfortune.
The one who ever knows everything…

I know

I know it.
I know everything.
What? The Mafia in Rome?
The Romanians, the gang of Romanians, I know them.
No? Romania has nothing to do?
They are black criminals?
Africans, I knew.
Black in the sense of fascist far right...
I know and also you know: the bad apples are everywhere.
What? They corrupt anyone, even to the leftists?
The Chinese mob is behind, that’s sure.
Those billions of restaurants… who knows what they hide in the kitchen.
What do you say?
The culprits took advantage of immigrants?
Yet I know.
I know it.
I know everything.
The gypsies are guilty, they have dishonest nature, teaching children to steal and...
What? The convicted ones profited by Roma?
But I know, I tell you.
I know it.
I know everything.
Or I knew.
As I always said?
They do not live like us, they trade on us, they do not respect our laws and do not integrate.
Here they are: the mosquitoes!
It's all because of the mosquitoes.
I can finally go back to sleep.

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