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Among Je suis Charlie and silence

Stories and News No. 703

These are hard days to write.
No complaints, believe me, because the real problems are others.
There are people suffering out there.
There are people dying out there, before the Tragedy with a capital t on all screens and, even the next day.
The following one and so one.
That’s life, I will not repeat again.
Silence, I chose silence and part of me still believes is the best side where to look at things.
To hear and understand.
Nevertheless, looking at the design around the principal facts, or rather, their representation, I felt something else growing inside.
The duty to write, beyond the mere needs.
But, forgive me, what I will tell you will be not a proper speak.
Rather a not speaking.
I will tell something about you, like myself sitting in the audience to witness the awful show.
Well, imagine us, all sitting on the more or less comfortable seats in a huge movie theater with an enormous screen that glows with life, death, and more than ever words and images.
We are not in there.
We are the ones who watch.
The noise is loud, the volume is skyrocketing, and from the beginning many cannot avoid to join their voices to the din.
Here, I try to understand better.
I am you, now, you writing Je suis Charlie.
I'm Charlie, I try, really.
I would like to be you, you seem to be on the right side.
As you, I am for freedom of expression beyond all limits.
A perfect example? If at this very moment someone should create a cartoon joking about the dead journalists, I would have nothing to say.
It would be a sacred right.
And if someone had tried in any way to attack the extreme satire, I would defend it.
I would be its shield.
Because I would be Charlie every day, not just when all that count are.
I would be Charlie also and above all, when Charlie was alive.
However, people who are Charlie today are not all in the same way.
The bigger is the flag as many are those who hide behind it.
There are those who cry out now stop Islamic terrorism.
They remind us that we are experiencing a clash of civilizations.
Between faiths.
Christians and Jews on one side and Muslims on the other.
Needless to repeat these people that a billion and a half human begins in the world praying Allah is sitting next to us at this time, between the above seats.
They are like us, audience witness in front of hell.
And today, Charlie are also those who do not lose opportunity to find a pretext for their mission to defend the national soil from migrant invader.
Just guilty of being different from the equals.
Needless to explain these people that all the persons who somehow are definable as strangers are in these hours sitting next to us, between the same above seats.
They are almost like us, audience witness in front of hell.
Only much more at risk of discrimination, since today.
And what about me?
I do not know if I am or not Charlie.
I have no idea if I was yesterday and if I will do tomorrow.
For sure, I'm sorry, are not you, dear je suis Charlie.
That is something different, I hope you understand.
Who am I before the terrible tragedies of the world, I emphasize, that happen every second of our lives, is a question I ask myself since a lot of time.
I wish I had your confidence in the answer, but do not have it, I'm sorry.
Meanwhile, I study, read and watch.
Then I try to write.

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