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New president of the republic speech in one word

Stories and News No. 712

I could play.
For example with the automatic generator of presidential settlement speeches.
A joke.
Kids stuff, if you let me use a self-referential reference.
Yes, self-referential.
Very appropriate adjective, since we are talking about modern governments.
I will be everybody’s president, could have been the most popular among phrases erupted by that generator.
With deep and sincere emotion, the opening words.
There is need for trust and hope in the country, the expected omen.
No more room for divisions and controversies, the inevitable warning.
Ours is a great nation, rich in history and culture, yet another chorus.
The challenges ahead are difficult, the obvious prediction.
Jobs for young people and care of the elderly, the usual mentions.
And so on.
Without surprise.
You have just read the book backwards and remember.
A power that does not believe that the flowing futures might really lead to the sea, will hardly find voice.
To tell stories.
Yet to be lived.
Nevertheless, those who pine in the folds of a land daily battered by habit for the worst, would not ask all the music.
To fill the ears.
The minimum would be everything.
Without expecting anything, the least would be a miracle.
A president, indeed, better a lady president in front of the people with one word in mind.
Sorry for everything is the caption, but that does not count.
Let's start from here, from the silence.
Because only on the blank page.
You can write.
Something new.

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