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Pope Francis letter from a rabbit

Stories and News No. 707

Catholics shouldn't breed like rabbits.
Yes, I read this news.
Okay… I cannot read, since I'm a rabbit.
I found out, somebody told me.
The mandrill did.
He is always thinking about that.
You know what it feels like, right?
Anyway, I will absolutely not disrespecting anyone.
However, since this thing of not to have children as we do is out, all eyes are on us.
Not just you, people.
The other night my wife and I got out the den and found a blind mole selling pirated copies of our making out.
Pirate copies?
Is there also the original?!
Mole, I said, you're blind, you did not even see the video!
Of course I'm blind, he replied, because I watch this things and I touch myself...
What do you say? You were born like this!
Words to the wind, this is the problem.
Wind bring words and spread them everywhere, getting inside, invading you and who pay the price? Those who even ignored you were talking about them.
Like us.
The rabbits.
So, you know what?
We want to end this obsession on how we make children: we tell ourselves.
We make love too.
In this, we are not different from you.
Well… how I do it and, most importantly, how my bunny does is unique.
But I'm sure many think the same.
The blind mole too.
Sure, I cannot go into the details, you'll understand.
But when the light goes away and our lair starts getting hot, heart begins to race and imagination gallops, oh… fireworks at home, no jokes.
Then, you will know how, you are the ones who study things, we just live them, sometimes nature gives us a prize.
A son.
A daughter.
Or more.
Beautiful, huh?
That's why, since I learned the news above, I have two doubts.
First, why any creature of the earth, at any time of day or night, would not want to have children like us?
Second, if you have tried at least once in your life, why do you care how we do it?
Otherwise, I understand.
I understand the insatiable curiosity…

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