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Premature baby left to die by mother: the reign of before

Stories and News No. 708

I read that in Corigliano Calabro, in the province of Cosenza, a pregnant woman and a doctor have simulated a car accident. Once at the emergency room, the lady claimed to be injured, causing the death of the baby born prematurely, to get the insurance price and share it with the doctor.
Another life joins the reign of before.
Another story too...

Call me so, from now.
Forever premature.
In other words, forever young.
Better, right?
In other words is the best, I ever said.
In other words, I ever dreamed, because in our country we do not speak.
No need of that.
In other words, there is no time.
Because the rest of us live there, back there, in the reign of before.
Where everything happens too soon.
Yes, let’s blame the rush.
It is a bad advisor, so they say.
For example, it leads us to cry with felt anger watching the barbarism of the so-called uncivilized peoples, associating them with our exotic fellow citizens.
Shortly after forgetting stories like mine, that happen next us, maybe in neighbor’s home.
You cannot use them to roar as fake lions against the inhumanity of the random gypsy, because we would see the latter very confused.
Reflected in the mirror.
Shortly after.
In the reign of after you can do everything.
All is fair.
All is possible.
That is why we are envious.
For everything.
In the reign of before novels are not yet completed, so there is still chance for the victory.
There are all the seconds, without exception, that will lead to the show on the horizon.
The first kiss and the first real hug.
The first genuine tears without shame.
The first laugh, without fear that sounds awkward.
Because everybody there laugh.
Even the one who you laugh of.
We of the reign of before could destroy the world or save it.
We could even look at you.
In a trivial instant, on a just as insignificant day.
At the metro stop, on the other side.
Maybe you would have look at us, and then forget.
We would have been there the same.
At that time, that day, with you.
However, imagine if by chance, even by mistake, we would smile.
Before the arrival of the train.
That before would become an after.
That would change our lives.
And yours.

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