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Woman imprisoned by husband: imagine that

Stories and News No. 710

Italy, a 55 year old woman found imprisoned and starved, twenty pounds, died today at a hospital in Pavia.
Her husband, accused of kidnapping and abandonment, was arrested.
This news will dissolve quickly, you'll see.
Especially because of current trends: there is no trace of bad religions and exotic origins in the protagonists.
However, the stories, more than ever the small ones, don’t understand the word discrimination.
They tell everything they find...

Imagine that.
Imagine that this woman is something else.
As her remains, because of an extremely avoidable sacrifice, were a metaphor for something else.
Unable to give sense to the ignoble narrative.
But still leaving something.
To eyes that they really wanted to watch.
And to ears that would find time to listen seriously.

Imagine that.
Imagine that all ripped pounds, devoured cells, shreds of longings and disappointed aspirations were not gone too far.
Watch with me, now.
And listen carefully.
Observe the lifeless body on the mattress and feel the inaudible breath, see the triumph of neglect and pay attention to the echo of an oblivion etched in memory.
Here's what lies on the bed.
Just a memory.
Nevertheless, let’s draw together the due respect to the whole story, since judging a story from a few lines is an unforgivable mistake.
Let alone a lifetime.
Lever your look, then.
And light more your ears.
Focus your senses beyond the borders of the bitter image.
Do you see them?
They are all still here, the stolen remains.
The subtracted existence for hatred or simple indifference, which is even worse, is still here, in the room.
Because we can take hostage how much life we want and damn us, all together, to bury it in the deepest point of the earth.
Something seems to disappear, in fact, but it is only an illusion.
Convincing us we had won, we made to go ahead regardless.
Nevertheless, looted pounds, destroyed flesh and thoughts carved on fragile horizons that never come are all still here.
Within us.
In fact, they are us.

Imagine that.
Now, imagine that this woman is a metaphor for something else.
You choose what.
We must only to give her back what we stole.

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