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World End Doomsday 2015 in 3 minutes video

Stories and News No. 709

Crazy climate change and dangers arising from nuclear weapons has moved two minutes forward 
the Doomsday Clock.
According to scientists we are three minutes to midnight...

Three minutes.
Three minutes to die.
Three minutes...
Why am I losing time here, writing?
Come on, maybe I am still in time.
We pollute and we don’t pay attention, this is the problem.
I shut down everything, pc, the fridge, yes, who care about the frozen food?
I will think about later.
When later?!
Now, I have to do something now, immediately.
I must turn off the air conditioner.
I do not have it, such a stupid I am...
However, I stop entire electrical stuff, so I remember it was written in that pamphlet that my girlfriend gave me.
Two minutes.
What? Is it already passed a minute?
What else can I do... but yes, the differentiated waste collection!
Where are those bags with baskets on... I said that sooner or later I started with.
However, beginning the differentiated garbage collection two minutes to the apocalypse… what difference might it be?
What difference with differentiated collection!
Good one.
What a idiot guy I am, I laugh at my silly jokes, while seconds go away.
One minute.
One minute, I must not lose time anymore.
What else can I do?
Oops, I have to pee…
Damn fragile bladder!
Well... done, thankfully.
I wash my hands... and soap!
I look at the other products and I realize that it is all stuff that pollutes, wow.
I knew it, my girlfriend told me.
Yes, she is one of the.
Come on, those girls obsessed with the ecological life.
Thirty seconds.
Excuse me, but these scientists are so genius: why do they tell it just now?
Ah... they have already told us?
Ten seconds.
What can I do to give a final meaning to my life in ten seconds?
It cannot end like this, suffering for what I missed.
By the way, I am not the only guilty, right?
I should have done more, as my girlfriend did, and we would still have come to this.
Indeed, I could be her, not achieved anything.
Maybe, I would be consciousness, that’s all.
You are going to die like me, honey, what’s the point?
At least I've lived more relaxed.
Less thinking, more time for me.
Time for me... what time?

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