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Dead infant in Italy: who are you?

Stories and News No. 718

In Italy a newborn baby girl died on ambulance because of a respiratory crisis, on the way to the hospital.
Apparently, in her town’s clinics there were no place for her.
This happened in Catania, Sicily.
This is her short history...

My name is Nicole and I was just born.
Here, now.
Let's say a little while ago.
Very little.
I know nothing about you.
I have no idea what I would find.
I do not know what the word life means to you.
To be born.
Freeing eyes and breathe.
Not necessarily in that order.
But, what does order count?
How important will it be since the time you are living is the first one?
I was born and that matters to me.
To my mother and dad.
But you, I do not know you.
I did not know who I would have found out there.
Barely I realized that the other voice was my father.
But, now, what is the relevance of things imagined there?
When you see the light you've only dreamed of, you are open to everything and everyone.
You are willing to trust.
Obscured or disclosed eyes, you want to welcome the touch of the hands of strangers.
And to share your heartbeat with them.
That after a while are no longer.
Otherwise, how do you think I could start to love the one who brought me into the world?
She was the small inside and after a while the everything outside.
But beyond the borders of those who brought me here for love, I do not know who you are, really.
Forgive me, I have not had time.
That's why I cannot appreciate you.
Nor condemn you.
I do not know, as I will never know, what I would be for you.
I know just one thing.
There was no place for me.
There must be something wrong at the start, then.
I had figured that out there I would find my similar people.
The living ones.
However, if there is no place for those who just arrived.
From far as close.
Well, I wonder: who are you?

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