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Sacchi racist without his knowledge

Stories and News No. 720

After his recent statements on the excessive presence of black players in Italian youth football teams, Arrigo Sacchi and almost all his supporters deny the charges of racism saying that the coach was referring to foreign players.
So, it was 'just' the proud defense of Italic identity and dignity.
I think this is a disease very widespread in Italy, even where you least expect it.
Often, the worst racist is who does not know to be...

There are them.
And they are many.
There are those who seeing a black man immediately would image him praying Muhammad.
Before any other god.
Atheist is excluded.

And there are those who meeting a black woman would first have to ask where she came from.
Since when she lives here, how her country is and so on questioning.
Even before knowing her name.
Let alone her dreams.

There are those who encountering a black guy would assume he could not speak their language.
At the risk of getting someone very familiar with that language, very better than them too.

And there are those who watching a black woman the first shape would think of would be the one that draws Africa.
That is a work of superfine magic, no jokes.
Clearing in a fraction of a second four continents is not easy.
And at the same time, if she would have been really from Africa, reducing millions of people in the space of a word.
That is, a single face, as much as dark.

There are those that knowing of the arrival of a black man would not doubt that he could get something.
Never give.
Let alone neither.
Read it as well as the simple being of travelling humans.

And finally there are those who looking at black people would give for granted they were foreigners.

Fortunately, there are also those who think that black people could be anything and its contrary.
Especially not having the faintest idea of what lives under their skin.

All others, they admit it or not, are the racists.

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