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Moral stories about school: where we learn

Stories and News No. 719

It happened, it is not something new, that the ceiling of a school lose pieces.
This time we speak about a school in Pescara, Italy, where two young students have been wounded.
Nevertheless, as the show, the lessons must go on...

Once upon a time there was a country.
I do not say which one.
Let’s remain vague, or presumed, that is the best way.
In this country there was a school.
In the school there was a class.
In the class there was the usual stuff.
Teacher and students, desks and chairs, blackboard, chalk and eraser.
In short, all according to the script.
So far.
We soon take back the obvious, so the most impatient readers do not flee before starting.
The count of the wonders.
In the class of the school in the unnamed country lessons were not easy.
Not because the teacher was unable.
Look, imagine the educator of the year, so to speak.
Not because the students were suffering from acute bullying or worse.
Listen, let’s make it easy: take a handful of perfect disciples and manage them at desks in any order.
Despite this idyllic painting, the nourishment of mind and spirit was ever put at risk.
From the world outside.
So the day when the right wall collapsed came.
You know it, yes? That one on the corridor, with coats and umbrellas.
Bad noise and everything down.
However, we had spoken of wonders, isn’t it?
Well, the teacher and her crew did not give up and indomitably continued the way to the wise horizon.
The following day the left wall went down, along with the windows.
Read them as well as the valuable escape routes for the distractible fantasies.
Who has perpetually lived brought back to the attention by the teacher, reporting among other things a chronic stiff neck, know what I mean.
However, although the noise was even more terrible than the first collapse, the students continued to play the notes suggested by their director.
The third day the wall behind the inhabitants of the last file crumbled.
Some of you might question how the ceiling could resist on the last remained wall.
But I have already said that obvious would have finished at the beginning, right?
So, absurdity for absurdity, the day when the last wall crumbled arrived.
A hard blow for a special teacher too, this is no doubt. The blackboard could often be your best ally, where words and textbooks fail.
Anyway, an exchange of glances between the many and the one was enough to not desist from the only reason to be together.
Where we look forward, according to the dreamers.
On the fifth day, as the title, the ceiling collapsed.
I mean, can you imagine the situation?
Imagine it, gosh: helpless before rain and wind, cold and even gifts by shitting volatiles, the brave teacher and her fearless apprentices stayed still.
Where we grow up, if you know what I mean.
The sixth day arrived on time after the fifth and even the floor abandoned our protagonists.
Here they are, let’s watch them.
Young creatures abandoned in a vacuum without a parachute, hung on courage and love of a super hero with only one super power: teaching.
Look, because beyond any wonders, things are exactly like that.
Where we learn.

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