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Diversity stories: three muslim students killed in the silence

Stories and News No. 717

In Chapel Hill, USA, Craig Stephen Hicks shot and killed Yusor Mohammad, 21, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19, and husband of the oldest, Deah Barakat, 23, all students of the University of North Carolina.
The three were Islamic...

In the silence.

Man shoots and kills three young souls.
Two girls and a guy in the beginning of life.
Three Muslim students.
An adjective, just a word.
Consonants and vowels, letters and sounds.
As other words try to extinguish the fire.

Religion has nothing to do.
Do not make comparisons.
No way.
It is a madman’s action.
It is an isolated incident.
Maybe he was provoked.

No, nothing to do with religion.
Human violence has no limits.
Do not associate.
Because that was another story.
This is the act of a mentally ill person.
It is common in the violent society.
There have been no claims.

Nothing to do with religion.
Do not make combinations.
Because the similarity is not true.
The man was crazy.
Violence is now part of everyday life.
We are losing the perception of what makes us human.
And many of those who read the still warm blood story do not recognize the heat anymore.

No and no.
Religions have nothing to do.
Do not make analogies.
Because every parallelism has no basis.
Only a wavering mind could accomplish such a crime.
We kill with such ease because we have not yet understood the value of life.
What matters now is the pain of those who remain.

In the silence.

In the silence the only reality worthy of the name shines, entered by chance on the upside down other god’s scene.
Religions have nothing to do with it.

You are right.
And you know what?
They have nothing to do ever.

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