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Love stories to read: Valentine’s Day 2017 love letter video

Stories and News No. 714

My dearest,

Commercials, events, movies, travels, Rome, Venice, Paris, Verona..
I was looking on Google love phrases that inspire me to write something sweet.
And what did I find when I typed Valentine?
Events, movies and a lot of commercials for travels.
How would we do? Do you see us, you and me, coming on a train or a plane? Maybe on a ship...
People would run away, scared to death. Perhaps more about me, than you, right?
I have always been the most feared among us, but this is normal, because you are the beautiful one, not me.
Then you smile and everybody see the teeth, I agree, but even so you are wonderful to me.
Maybe my mistake was looking on the internet for the words to tell you what I feel. I must look inside of me. In what's left of me, of course.
The horror is back, on TV series, movies and video games, and all are become hunters and gunmen.
Luckily you gave me that beautiful gift, last Halloween.
A steel helmet... what a gift, my soul.
Indeed, my ‘without soul’.
I ever bring it with me.
Okay, not all have perfect aim at shooting and it is not even true that everybody knows the only weak point of people like me, but your thought was extraordinary the same.
The head is my Achilles heel, and you taught me how to protect it.
What better gift might a creature in love give her boyfriend?
By comparison, my blood bathtub was nothing.
Sterilized blood, you know what humans eat humans today... but your helmet has been great.
That's why for this Valentine’s day I wanted to find the perfect words to describe what's in my heart. In the liver, or the stomach, who knows? I do not feel beat in my chest and I have no idea if I still have a heart.
Nothing tragic, right? You and I perfectly know that love is not in the internal organs.
You should look in the eyes, you told me one day.
No, it was a night, I am such an idiot: I've never seen you daily.
Love is in the eyes of those who dream of the happiness of others, you said so, isn’t it?
I've never forgotten. That's why I'm here, now, to write the following words that I hope will remain in your memory as well.
I love you, my vampire, I love you so much that I would give you my death to give back life to you.

Yours for eternity,


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