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Diversity stories in the reign of normal

Stories and News No. 736 I read that Mike Pence, Indiana governor, signed the "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" (more preciously the "religious Objections" bill). This seems to assure people the right to refuse any kind of service to someone if their beliefs do not recognize it his sexual behavior as normal. Think if things were really as well as professionals of fear scream. Imagine what it would mean to live where the straight path is one and only one... Once upon a time there was the reign of normal people. Where things were simple. Clear. Or at worst, dark. Men and women. Regally in that order. Despite the beautiful saying in the very important evenings, the place you sit matters. And so the places you leave to others. Imagine to be wrong person between pure souls. Shaky existence with confused consciousness. And a jumbled morality, perpetually crossed by huge question marks. Imagine the proportions of the sin. Hearing arising questions whe

Germanwings crash: the land without destination

Stories and News No. 735 "What are the origins of the pilots???" That is what an Italian politician asked on twitter. Despite the tragic event, hard to stay serious before such question. Nevertheless, overlooking the umpteenth unkempt as clumsy manipulation would be a mistake. There is something rotten in the words and that is not Denmark, because we are not in Hamlet, here. We are in the land without destination... Once upon a time there was the land without destination. Travelers, yes, everyone were so. With or without a valid ticket. With visible or hidden hand luggage. In first class, of course. And all the lower ones, that never end. Because there is always someone behind you. To envy your place. In the land without destination people go each day. In every moment of common living there was someone who exclaimed proudly: I'm going away. Because I can, because this is my land, because I sanctify its boundaries and feeling protected I am the king of

Earth Hour 2017 video: the perfect robbery

Stories and News No. 734 Saturday, 28 March 2015 at 8.30 pm local time will be the eighth edition of Earth Hour , an event created by WWF to raise public awareness on the urgent issue of climate change. 2015 will be remembered for a theft. A theft of words... Once upon a time there was the perfect robbery. That is what earth told the moon the day after, when the latter asked about the hour of darkness , that would have shed light up on the end . Inevitable, but at least postponed. Tell me more, the queen of the night requested. I'm curious. The earth hesitated, fueling suspense in the stars too, the usual abusive spectators. I'll tell you a lot more, she said. I'll tell you everything. That is all the story. I was there and so them . The most arrogant creatures among the terrestrials, the true aliens, the real unwelcome customers. The only illegal citizens that, often, should be expelled. The human beings . Countdown, open curtain and... dark. No total

Polar bear attacks man in tent: Oh sorry

Stories and News No. 733 A tourist camped at the north pole to see the solar eclipse was attacked by a polar bear. The man was brought to a nearby hospital with wounds cured in a few weeks. Oh sorry, but you too... Try to understand me. Because if you do not understand, I come to the hospital to end what I started. Oh sorry, you know, but you... You come up to the North Pole to watch the sky? How weird are you guys? Besides other adjectives banned in every state except the south pole. I've always wondered why someone told me that in the latter bears might say what they want, when they want and especially how. The south pole must be the real land of freedom. Maybe, this is also just another illusion, because if you think the best you always image the other part, as the sky above. Oh sorry, but you... I could not avoid to bite your arm. You would have done the same if you was me. Put yourself in my skin, if you've never done. Besides, if you've never done

Anti-Racism Day 2017 story: the monsters city

Stories and News No. 732 Once upon a time there was a town. A frightening one and this adjective was never righter. Yes, because I speak of the monsters’ city. It was inhabited by monsters. Only monsters. Real monsters, not the stuff that now no longer scares anyone. Becoming ridiculous too. As vampires with plastic teeth and living dead thinking to be really alive. Ghosts who do everything to be seen. Listen. Even touched, everything for believing to exist for real. In the city of monsters, monsters were seriously monstrous. And every day, they scare each other. As a famous monster said, if you do not scream of terror at least once a day, that day is not worth living . However, the day when fear began to run low came. So, the most sadistic monsters among citizens, TV entertainment workers, had the good thought. To recover the dark ability they organized a talent show. That is a contest to elect the scariest monster. On the evening of the final race, contestants wer

Moral stories: the land of the blind

Stories and News No. 731 Once upon a time there was a land. Only the story will tell its name. This one and, maybe, only this. A story with tiny initial and ambitious final. The inhabitants lived with and easy eye in the land. They were called the easy eye people and that was not a coincidence. Nothing escaped to them, when transited before the most celebrated of the senses. His divinity the eyesight . The power who captures the essential and steals the private. Which looks at the close, imagining so far. Never the reverse. Those are the fools by nature and those who become abusing their imagination. But this is stuff for other stories. Let us remain here, or what you will see. Yes, because in the land where the eye reigned, one axiom determined the world. Only what is seen has reason for being . Leave the rest to children, who have long time and courage to be wary of the big picture. So, even in the land the news of the solar eclipse came. This shocked everyone

Moral stories: letter to son

Stories and News No. 730 It seems that in China every year twenty thousand children are abducted. Xiao Chaohua’s son disappeared in 2007 and since then the man has never stopped going around with an RV covered with photos of the kid, nurturing the hope of finding him. Even at the cost of just having feed an illusion. That is, a clear defeat... All right. Let’s say I have lost, dear son. That I'll never win. That the most I will get is the compassion for another crazy guy in the world. Infected by an obsession, crazy like many others. To embrace you. Worshiped needle confused in the saddest haystack. Woven with twenty thousand broken dreams. Let’s that this is the way life goes. That crazies are just crazies and living a long time means solid land under the feet, deep pockets and skillful hands. Grasping the graspable, nothing but wonderful ghosts. It will mean that thing will only get worse for me. I know well how it works. Attending fantasy’s frustrations yo

Threat in Italy: the man in the front window

Stories and News No. 729 Once upon a time there was a man. One as many. A gentleman who is attentive to the world’s atrocities. Because abhorring horror means something. It must mean something. I cannot remember what, but it is important. You need despise if the script requires it. "Those uncivilized people", the man exclaimed that day in his balcony, speaking to his fellow neighbor of the front window. "The use chlorine gas bombs for their attacks. Did you hear that?" No reply. "Oh, I see, you are used to that, gosh. It's a shame, we should bomb them all, those guys with long beards and scimitar. " Ever quiet. "They are beasts, I'm not racist, but these are real animals. They also force children to kill in place of them, do you understand? " Nothing on the opposite side. "Of course you understand, it does not take a genius to see that this is a religious war, no jokes. Here we risk all, we must learn to defend oursel

Moral stories on death penalty: a nightmare

Stories and News No. 728 It seems that lacking of pentobarbital anesthetic could stop upcoming executions in Texas and other US states. A nightmare for the supporters of the death penalty... Once upon a time there was a senator. A senator from Texas, so we remain close to the truth, or maybe just the news. Far from being synonymous. We will call the senator as Mr. White . So, just to remind us the number of Blacks crowding the death row. That night the senator awoke screaming loudly drenched in sweat. Sitting on the bed, he looked at his hands on the pillow and started to cry. He cried with relief. It was just a nightmare. It happens also to the senators. The disturbing storytelling of the psyche had began quietly, with a trivial prologue. The man had found himself in a very well-known scene. Microphone near the lips and an attentive and silent audience. Never let it be otherwise, when the senator went on stage. Usual words of usual speeches for pre vote sowing.

Diversity stories: Letter to Free

Stories and News No. 727 Two thousand and something, 8th March, over there… Dear Free, I have no idea if your name is really so, but that's how I see you. Free . I think of the meaning, rather than the name, but this is obvious and I ask your forgiveness for that. The world has proved so far too much lack of originality referring to you. So I hope not to sin of redundancy. I'm here, with these words, to congratulate you. Because a party is a party and the protagonist must be honored. That is a duty, even before a pleasure. Today, March 8, it is your celebration. You won, you come first, you are the first. Of many, I hope, unless the past will not resuscitate. And who better than us knows how formidable history’s regurgitation is? This is why we must celebrate festivities like yours. Because yours is not like others before. Because there really is something to celebrate today. That is why it is called festivity, that is why we celebrate, that is why you have

Caronia fires explanation: is a fraud

Stories and News No. 726 It seems that there were no electromagnetic phenomena, not even military experiments or alien activity, behind the fires in Caronia, Italy, but people’s fraud to steal economic subsidies. Light on darkness. The worst form of it. The phony obscurity, cooked intrigue, that takes away to enigmatic horizon the charm it deserves. The fires of Caronia are human stuff, gentlemen. The deception is revealed. The emperor is naked, and, apparently, he has nothing relevant to show. However, this is only the beginning, because it was the classic misfires that breaks the cup. Filled with lies. The next day it was discovered that Africa was a continent rich, the richest on the planet. Rich of colors and shapes, but also of tough substance, black and yellow gold, sparkling stones and magic gas that moves things and houses. Africans, as people of Africa, were therefore rich. So the real poor were the old rich. Or old and new thieves. The next day a formula tha

Immigrants stories: Italy migrant boat capsizes

Stories and News No. 725 Another boat capsizes off Sicilian sea, near Italy coast. Other unfortunate people died. And the usual game started again... Once upon a time there was the boats. The boats with many migrants. Too many. Even for the boats. Let alone His Majesty The Sea . Read it as well as the innocent giant who shakes life from his shoulders . The story of all stories always told the same... story. Forgive the repetition, but I have not written the latter. I'm just the one who strives to change it. In the story of always the same stories, boats collapsed. Often, not ever. Because the unexpected happens even in the reign of noble front pages. It happens in life. Let alone the fiction. A boat capsized and so far nothing new. However, the ride of death by drowning stopped just at the climax. Pause, still picture on the obvious impending tragedy, a moment before starting again with the usual party game. Who was? Many asked. Who has dared to obstruct