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Diversity stories in the reign of normal

Stories and News No. 736

I read that Mike Pence, Indiana governor, signed the "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" (more preciously the "religious Objections" bill).
This seems to assure people the right to refuse any kind of service to someone if their beliefs do not recognize it his sexual behavior as normal.
Think if things were really as well as professionals of fear scream.
Imagine what it would mean to live where the straight path is one and only one...

Once upon a time there was the reign of normal people.
Where things were simple.
Or at worst, dark.
Men and women.
Regally in that order.
Despite the beautiful saying in the very important evenings, the place you sit matters.
And so the places you leave to others.
Imagine to be wrong person between pure souls.
Shaky existence with confused consciousness.
And a jumbled morality, perpetually crossed by huge question marks.
Imagine the proportions of the sin.
Hearing arising questions when everyone around you had answers, without the need for such overvalued stuff.
As questions and doubts.
Silence would be a good way, really.
Perhaps the best, in the first instance.
Expressionless mask or invisibility cloak at day.
Strictly both at night.
Because you know.
In the reign of normal people night does not bring counsels.
Unless to close your eyes and have good dreams.
Those who can freely tell in the morning.
Forgetting the rest.
Maybe you could talk about it, of course, but it would not be a simple story.
A balanced journey of words, from me to you.
The knees should kiss the ground with sincere contrition.
The head should bend down showing a sufficiently humble neck.
And the voice should be guided by a holy shame.
For failing to show timely gladness.
To be chosen among the chosen creatures.
The normal people.
Nevertheless, even repent of existing may not be enough.
Because between the imperfect lives there are some who are born with the senses so distorted to see in the contradiction an obliged vocation.
As a wrong color in the right place.
As a naive and short story that claims attention behind an adoring audience before the prestigious showcase.
As someone who would bet a lifetime on the idea that the reign of normal people does not exist, except in the phobias of a coward narrator.
It is worth to see who will win in the end, do not you think?

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