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Anti-Racism Day 2017 story: the monsters city

Stories and News No. 732

Once upon a time there was a town.
A frightening one and this adjective was never righter.
Yes, because I speak of the monsters’ city.
It was inhabited by monsters.
Only monsters.
Real monsters, not the stuff that now no longer scares anyone.
Becoming ridiculous too.
As vampires with plastic teeth and living dead thinking to be really alive.
Ghosts who do everything to be seen.
Even touched, everything for believing to exist for real.
In the city of monsters, monsters were seriously monstrous.
And every day, they scare each other.
As a famous monster said, if you do not scream of terror at least once a day, that day is not worth living.
However, the day when fear began to run low came.
So, the most sadistic monsters among citizens, TV entertainment workers, had the good thought.
To recover the dark ability they organized a talent show.
That is a contest to elect the scariest monster.
On the evening of the final race, contestants were fierce as ever.
The judges anxiously awaited behind the examiner desk.
In the middle the boss, Mrs. PC, crazy cable clutters as hair, smiley drunk emoticons as eyes and USB input as lips.
On the right Mr. Taxes, with an ATM that worked on the contrary instead of the head and on left Mr. Bribery, tiny body but large hands and belly.
Avidly large.
Mrs. PC started the exhibits and a horrid unprecedented show followed.
Lady FB - Facile Bouche, easy mouth in French, despite appearances do not get confused with the well-known social network - showed up with a towel around her neck in front of a plate full of boiled mosquitoes and expired Nutella, which is a sacrilegious crime, no jokes.
"I like," she read every single bite of the revolting meal.
All were horrified, but one of the competitors laughed.
Sir Hashtag - even here, ignore the similarities with the famous website - promised and kept his word to declaim, for twelve hours without interruption, only nonsense in 140 characters.
At the end there were some who regretted mosquitoes with Nutella.
But one of the competitors kept laughing.
The maximum point of dismay was reached with Lord Bicameral, a creature with two heads speaking at the same time. One said one thing that the other disagreed, the latter changed his mind, but the former differed too, the next moment they agree on what divided them, and then accused the other of not being credible, up to eat each other.
So both vomited to start again.
The judges and all contestants wanted to run away and cursed the idea of the talent.
While the last one competitor had never stopped giggling.
"You," Mrs. PC said, "why do you keep laughing?"
"Because I'm the most monstrous of all," he said arrogantly.
"Why?" the chief judge asked.
Being honest, he appeared as a harmless creature, only two arms, two legs and a pair of eyes, no claws and additional tails, with gray suit, anonymous tie and equally insignificant face.
"I am the winner," he said, "because I am able to teach everybody to be afraid of others just because of a different skin color."
At that time there was a vacuum around him, because all the monsters in the race went off with an indignant look.
Ms. PC, watching him with severe eyes, said, "You are expelled from the competition."
"Why?" He asked.
"Because you have violated the first rule of the city of monsters: we just scare, we do not create fear."
Those are human beings.

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