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Caronia fires explanation: is a fraud

Stories and News No. 726

It seems that there were no electromagnetic phenomena, not even military experiments or alien activity, behind the fires in Caronia, Italy, but people’s fraud to steal economic subsidies.

Light on darkness.
The worst form of it.
The phony obscurity, cooked intrigue, that takes away to enigmatic horizon the charm it deserves.
The fires of Caronia are human stuff, gentlemen.
The deception is revealed.
The emperor is naked, and, apparently, he has nothing relevant to show.
However, this is only the beginning, because it was the classic misfires that breaks the cup.
Filled with lies.
The next day it was discovered that Africa was a continent rich, the richest on the planet.
Rich of colors and shapes, but also of tough substance, black and yellow gold, sparkling stones and magic gas that moves things and houses.
Africans, as people of Africa, were therefore rich.
So the real poor were the old rich.
Or old and new thieves.
The next day a formula that can shake the world was proven, no jokes: H = E x I
What does it mean? The scientists asked, but not only them, even latecomers plumbers, Jehovah's Witnesses and those with red hair.
Simple: Hate equal Enemy times Ignorance.
And what does it mean? Swiss ladies with lisp and porters with easy chats asked.
Many things, the discoverers said.
For example, Hate against an Enemy is proportional to Ignorance towards the latter.
So it was realized that if a person extremely manifested hatred towards an entire category of people, it was proof of how much he did not know anything about someone belonging to that category.
Imagine all of them.
Hence, the corollary: S = H x P
That is, the Stupidity of a man is proportional to Hate multiplied by the number of Persons in a given category.
The same day in many bother imagining the number of homosexuals, blacks, Jews, Arabs, Palestinians and even bald people on earth.
The next day there was the discovery of the third millennium, that would once and for all destroyed the box of wonders, the real old lady, the TV.
Someone called it the mate in three moves, by the revelations that emerged from as many phone tapping in a correspondence between television and refrigerator.
First, the creatures beyond the small screen do not live to make people laugh, dream and think: it is exactly the opposite.
Second, they would do anything to stay on the air, even telling the truth to audience, but so far, none of the latter demanded so much.
Third, they tell ever the same story of wars and fights where only who wins counts and the winner is here, the loser is the one left out: you.
This went on for days and days, with unsuspecting ventriloquist puppets manipulated by other puppets, guided by other puppets again and so on, without end.
A Matryoshka of scams, as long as the miracle became reality.
Because when many became accustomed to eye’s fraud, natural spells found the primary scene.
So we all restarted to speak about human beings and life's stories.

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