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Earth Hour 2017 video: the perfect robbery

Stories and News No. 734

Saturday, 28 March 2015 at 8.30 pm local time will be the eighth edition of Earth Hour, an event created by WWF to raise public awareness on the urgent issue of climate change.
2015 will be remembered for a theft.
A theft of words...

Once upon a time there was the perfect robbery.
That is what earth told the moon the day after, when the latter asked about the hour of darkness, that would have shed light up on the end.
Inevitable, but at least postponed.
Tell me more, the queen of the night requested. I'm curious.
The earth hesitated, fueling suspense in the stars too, the usual abusive spectators.
I'll tell you a lot more, she said.
I'll tell you everything.
That is all the story.
I was there and so them.
The most arrogant creatures among the terrestrials, the true aliens, the real unwelcome customers.
The only illegal citizens that, often, should be expelled.
The human beings.
Countdown, open curtain and... dark.
No total blackness, ideal condition for a precise show.
However, I’m used to live without perfection, when I’m dealing with the so-called superior species.
So I did my best and taking advantage of the less attention by the guardians of saying, I stole.
Yes, I admit, and I am not ashamed, because I have stolen words.
The thinking bipeds do it all the time and the set of letters they adore to steal is the most paradoxical.
Which One? Moon asked, becoming the voice of all the lights.
Humanity, do you believe it?
No, the lady with the blue cloak replied, I see it. Every night I dream about their days.
But what words did you take away? She asked curious.
Those I needed the most.
I stole later.
So they could not say anymore we think about later, later we will see, or who knows what will happen later?
So I stole tomorrow and future, so everybody will stop to say the most overrated tomorrow is another day and the hypocritical young people have got the future.
Because today is today and tomorrow as well.
And because the future is not for young people, but everyone.
Or nobody.
Then, I took a gigantic bag and I've stuck it with all the conditional verbs, starting with I could, I would and I should.
However, to be honest, I have not only stolen.
I cheated too.
Practice learned from those alleged teachers who claim the right to rule on my skin.
Borrowing words to put them back distorted.
As civilization, peace and rights, to name a few at random.
For my part, I had no doubt and with quick hand I grabbed the only word I was interested to.
Believe me, I did not think it had become so small, watching it closely.
So I realize the deception.
I took the borders and I have expanded the breadth beyond human measure.
For what purpose? The muse of the singing wolves asked.
Oh, not to create other dreamers.
Who does not point a single penny of their existence on the unacceptable design will not change opinion.
Losing hope’s growers need help, nowadays.
They are few, as always, and lacking of encouragement.
The less could be enough.
Think, then, what a disproportionate horizon could do.
And what happened at the end of your time? Moon inquired. Even if, then, everything will be as before.
Earth smiled with a triumphant look.
So she revealed the most important word among those who had stolen.
The End.

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