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Threat in Italy: the man in the front window

Stories and News No. 729

Once upon a time there was a man.
One as many.
A gentleman who is attentive to the world’s atrocities.
Because abhorring horror means something.
It must mean something.
I cannot remember what, but it is important.
You need despise if the script requires it.
"Those uncivilized people", the man exclaimed that day in his balcony, speaking to his fellow neighbor of the front window. "The use chlorine gas bombs for their attacks. Did you hear that?"
No reply.
"Oh, I see, you are used to that, gosh. It's a shame, we should bomb them all, those guys with long beards and scimitar. "
Ever quiet.
"They are beasts, I'm not racist, but these are real animals. They also force children to kill in place of them, do you understand? "
Nothing on the opposite side.
"Of course you understand, it does not take a genius to see that this is a religious war, no jokes. Here we risk all, we must learn to defend ourselves, unless we want to destroy us, right? "
Nothing new from the window.
"Do you know what the cousin of bartender told a friend of my sister in law? After decapitated victims, they strip them and use skin to make turbans. Do you realize that?"
Still silence.
"And we should welcome these people here? I’m not saying they are so, but who know who is hiding in the midst of the crowd on those ships? Anyway, even if they were not terrorists, these refugees come here to do damage, that's for sure. "
Same as above.
"Someone says those fanatics have nothing to do with that, that there are also moderate ones. What nonsense is this? It’s like saying wild moderate... if one is wild is wild, no way he could be moderate. Those guys teach kids violence and cruelty towards others, isn’t it? "
No replies.
"We need a good war, but if we wait Obama... I want the old Bush’s back, and come one with a rain of bombs on bearded. I want to see, then, if they send us another video from the dead world, am I right? "
Always silent.
"Let me tell you clear: stopping the hands of the murderers is a human duty, indeed, a Divine one. All of us should fight for justice, because as the soldier said in that movie I don’t remember, if you don’t destroy the evil out of your house, evil will come to you. Do you remember the movie's title? "
"Hey, are you listening or not?"
No, the man is not listening.
He was just arrested.
Because he is the man from Naples who has raped for a year his eleven years son, and then decided to sell him on the web…

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