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Polar bear attacks man in tent: Oh sorry

Stories and News No. 733

A tourist camped at the north pole to see the solar eclipse was attacked by a polar bear. The man was brought to a nearby hospital with wounds cured in a few weeks.

Oh sorry, but you too...
Try to understand me.
Because if you do not understand, I come to the hospital to end what I started.

Oh sorry, you know, but you...
You come up to the North Pole to watch the sky?
How weird are you guys?
Besides other adjectives banned in every state except the south pole.
I've always wondered why someone told me that in the latter bears might say what they want, when they want and especially how.
The south pole must be the real land of freedom.
Maybe, this is also just another illusion, because if you think the best you always image the other part, as the sky above.

Oh sorry, but you...
I could not avoid to bite your arm.
You would have done the same if you was me.
Put yourself in my skin, if you've never done.
Besides, if you've never done, next time I meet you I will snap to finish.
Rather than to remember.
By the way, do you remember the facts?
Because I do, my hairless friend.
I was there, in the middle of the morning, warming at the light of the always open eye, except when you dream, when suddenly something went wrong.
The eyelids are slowly dropped on the full life’s road.

Oh sorry, but then I turned around and you were there...
What else should I do?
I became visionless by rage, and it was dark as well.
On the other hand, you are doing this game with everything.
Ice becomes water, water becomes oil, oil becomes gasoline but what do I get by that? Air becomes stuff I did not understand what it is but the penguins have phlegm and there is a reason, blue sky becomes blue sky but everybody knows it is the old blue anymore, except the one eye fish that is completely blind but nobody tells him for compassion.
Well, compassion that is over for guys like you, sir.
Humans, or those creatures by heavy head and light heart.

Oh sorry, but when I saw you the first thing I thought was: "Even the sun becomes moon? No way..."
Okay, this time I agree we were wrong.
But we are still three billion to one…

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