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Moral stories: the land of the blind

Stories and News No. 731

Once upon a time there was a land.
Only the story will tell its name.
This one and, maybe, only this.
A story with tiny initial and ambitious final.
The inhabitants lived with and easy eye in the land.
They were called the easy eye people and that was not a coincidence.
Nothing escaped to them, when transited before the most celebrated of the senses.
His divinity the eyesight.
The power who captures the essential and steals the private.
Which looks at the close, imagining so far.
Never the reverse.
Those are the fools by nature and those who become abusing their imagination.
But this is stuff for other stories.
Let us remain here, or what you will see.
Yes, because in the land where the eye reigned, one axiom determined the world.
Only what is seen has reason for being.
Leave the rest to children, who have long time and courage to be wary of the big picture.
So, even in the land the news of the solar eclipse came.
This shocked everyone and everything.
I mean, imagine the anxiety exponentially growing rising the social ladder.
Think that at the upper floors volcanoes erupted hot molten fear.
Think that at the last floor even thoughts trembled.
Think that the whole land, gradually going down, could not avoid to dance at the rhythm of the crazed hearts beating above .
Because that is how things worked in the land: if all lived by what they see, all would live and die for what they was told to see.
Thus, the dreaded day arrived.
The sun embraced the moon, the moon said yes with ardor and together began to make love.
In short, eclipse.
A few seconds of darkness, the true dark, what you see in the daytime, the absence of light for many, too many, that means normal, the simple existence of the lives you consider negligible, who wake up in the morning and never surrender without fighting even if it would be the most religious action, without the need to bring here any divinity.
Only a handful of moments of tasting what is reality for the creatures strictly out there, those who must look for all possible senses, except vision.
Because what the world shows to them is ever too unfair for being human.
In the brackets of unspeakable terror and at the same time great clarity the unnamed villagers for the first time really understood what to see meant.
To see the others.
It did not last long, because that is the way the embrace of the primary stars should be.
Otherwise, you would not do everything possible to relive it.
How I wish it was just the beginning of a new story.
For the land of the unconscious blind

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