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Diversity stories: Letter to Free

Stories and News No. 727

Two thousand and something, 8th March, over there…

Dear Free,
I have no idea if your name is really so, but that's how I see you.
I think of the meaning, rather than the name, but this is obvious and I ask your forgiveness for that.
The world has proved so far too much lack of originality referring to you.
So I hope not to sin of redundancy.
I'm here, with these words, to congratulate you.
Because a party is a party and the protagonist must be honored.
That is a duty, even before a pleasure.
Today, March 8, it is your celebration.
You won, you come first, you are the first.
Of many, I hope, unless the past will not resuscitate.
And who better than us knows how formidable history’s regurgitation is?
This is why we must celebrate festivities like yours.
Because yours is not like others before.
Because there really is something to celebrate today.
That is why it is called festivity, that is why we celebrate, that is why you have every reason to wake up in the morning and smile thinking to this day.
Because it is special.
One and Only.
As if you had discovered a star that everyone said it was just a black hole, at most, otherwise bright.
As if you had broken a rule at the cost of losing everything, conquering everything for everyone, except than you.
As if you could prove that the real beauty is the color that everyone sees, but only one person loves.
So, go.
Congratulations and gifts.
Applauses and public revelries.
Theme nights and dedicated shows.
Articles of complaint and also letters claiming to be original.
Go, go away all this.
My dear Free who lives over there, today, the eighth of March two thousand and something, should be celebrated because you and your world are finally able to wipe out all this.
Getting rid of everything.
Including my words, which I hope will play vain in your ears.
Because everything which we would have to fight, rather than celebrate for, you will already conquered long ago.
It will be a true festivity.
The first day when there will be no need to celebrate Women's Day.

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