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Cuba US terror list story

Stories and News No. 740

It seems that finally the US president Barack Obama has asked to remove Cuba from the list of countries considered – by the USA - terrorism sponsor.
This suggests me the following story...

Once upon a time there was a land and an island.
The land of opportunities and the island of obstinate people.
So defined in one direction.
Island of free people, on the contrary.
Depending on where everyone looked the other.
For smooth and democratic agreement, I will use the most welcome to both names.
The land of opportunities was so called because this is what it was.
Endorsement of any opportunities.
Even to self-define.
The land of opportunities.
The land of opportunities, then, allowed many of them.
As the right to create a list.
A blacklist.
Always black the unpleasant color, isn’t it?
Well, being honest, since immemorial time the bad guys lists are white.
At least originally.
Then you fill it with red pen.
There is no trace of black.
All right, I am deviating.
The blacklist of the land of opportunities was filled with the names of all detestable countries.
The City of overflowing and the Kingdom of the rude, the Grand Duchy of snorers and the County of smelly.
And at the top, there was the island of free people.
Obviously it was written island of obstinate people.
Time passed and in many occasions a fight was near.
Until the day came when the land of the opportunities decided to change and announced they would have erased once and for all the name from the blacklist.
That is written in red on white page, but we understand each other.
The head of the country summoned all the world leaders, cleared his throat and proudly said: "Ladies and gentlemen, and especially you, dear inhabitants of the island of obstinate..."
"What?!" the head of the latter screamed.
"Oops, I meant the free people. We are here to give you some good news: you are no longer on the blacklist."
"Oh, thank you," he said. "So, we too will remove you from our list."
The man took a notepad from his pocket and read: "Let's see, Sultanate of latecomers, Archipelago of bullies and... here you are: Land of arrogant people, erased."
"Arrogant people?!"
"Wow," the head of the land of opportunities said, "I ignored the existence of another black list that was not ours and with our name on it. Thanks anyway."
"Nothing," the head of the land of the free people said. "Now you just need to be erased from the others."
"What? Are you saying that other countries put us on their black list?"
"Let say some," the other replied. "And you have no idea what name they used..."

Italian storytelling with subtitles

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