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Moral stories: resisting and saving

Stories and News No. 746

Rishi Khanal, 27, was rescued.
The man remained 82 hours under the rubble of a hotel in Kathmandu, due to the earthquake that recently hit Nepal.
He is still alive because he resisted.
And because someone went to save it.
Well, the story is all there.
In the middle...

Once upon a time there was the earthquake victims.
No, do not immediately jump to the logical conclusion.
Imagine with me the overwhelmed and buried lives by more or less noisy shocks.
You choose the preferred scale.
That seismologists of human destiny may define as well the severity of the quake.
The result does not change and the picture remains intact.
Tiny breathing and late hearts, behind the last turn, but still in the running.
Still determined to overcome it, that blessed breakthrough.
Come up with me at the turn of the simple metaphor and watch them where usually the living eye sees things.
You do not see anything, don’t you?
Dust, confused vapors of dust.
And even if it should go away, just as nothing, right?
The usual gray and indifferent indoor carpet of ruins and remains of the condemned puny world.
No sound, isn’t it?
Even the vibration of a smartphone, even if a modest one.
Indisputable evidence of vacuum.
Down there.
But I told you to imagine, right?
And then let’s close our eyes and trust the stories.
Invented by a deluded storyteller as mentioned without fanfare by a midday TV News.
Man pulled alive from rubble in Nepal 82 hours after.
Eighty two hours.
Let's say this is actually the sum of the trust of one to other’s humanity.
An hour to hope that there is really someone up there.
With lowered eyelids and hands in a story.
Three more hours to assess the consequences.
A farewell to the lives that worship, willingly and unwillingly, to continue their journey.
As the existences that have in common at least belonging to the same species.
Six hours trying to sleep and dream it was all just a dream.
As striving to wake up and be convinced that it was all just a nightmare.
Whose main character is not you.
Twenty-two hours that will clash with no mercy, as in the final match where the draw is excluded, for the teams called future and death.
With the audience in the stands unaware of being also the referee.
Fifty hours, interminable, but inevitable to get heart still hot off the golden wedding between the life you wanted and the one you have left.
With witnesses of the successful union that really begin to understand their responsibilities.
Having seen or just imagined.
Because once you've been in a story.
You can only continue to do so, or suffering the miss.
What matters is that others may be saved.
Because they have resisted.
And because someone went to save them.
Well, the story is all here.

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