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Immigrants stories: the Avengers of Migrants

Stories and News No. 745

Once upon a time there were superheroes.
But not those of the comics.
And then the movies.
Because let's face it, before they were comics.
Then movies.
It is always fine to remember well, where you tell of heroes and great exploit.
Deadly challenges.
Between good and bad.
The superheroes which I speak of are different.
Because they are real.
Seriously, there do, I know them, I saw them.
We spoke with them.
I heard them.
Some do not know it yet.
They are the Avengers, yes, just like the movie.
They have got the powers too, no jokes.
There is Tor, without the aitch, which stands for Torquato, but when you call him you do not see the difference.
He is an alien, a real alien: he is a bricklayer.
Because only an alien would be able to stand still in front of the quantity of hate so-called news is told every day.
He is an alien with a tireless hammer.
A marvelous weapon, capable of transforming the empty and the walls that enclose them in homes and lives, roundtrip between one world to another, the way upwards and the one to embrace earth.
There is Susi, or Susanna, the invisible woman for all except the many alive shadows sitting at the desk eat the teacher’s words as the sand does with water.
A seemingly disembodied entertainment, that suddenly becomes popular where a ceiling collapses on the school and tries in vain to clear it.
Because the show must always go on.
There is Toni, aka Antonio, the real iron man, literally indestructible.
There is... let's say that there was, he was here a moment ago.
Now I do not know where he is.
But he is certainly out there, somewhere, one of the many young people who maybe right now is receiving yet another rejection.
Sooner or later he will find a job.
Meanwhile he makes the hero for free and endures everything and everyone.
There is Rita, Miss fantastic, the elastic girl, which has been able to get anywhere someone woke up in the morning and even went down to sleep on the same evening with the naive belief of being able to prevent her passage.
Because the day that the fight for the respect of their aspirations begins can stretch to infinity, when a woman is struggling.
And then there are the others, girls and boys who, when the time comes, get angry on the contrary, tearing their clothes with muscles of joy, becoming every color imaginable.
Even green, if you prefer.
Here they are, these are the Avengers of migrants.
They are superheroes, such as movies.
But they are real.
We are.
You are.
But many still do not know it…

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