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Vatican gay French Ambassador Laurent Stéfanini: another story

Stories and News No. 739

I read that according to the French press, the new Vatican ambassador in France, Laurent Stéfanini, despite being nominated since four months did not get the final approval because of his sexual orientation.
Of course, this suggests to me a story.
Another one…

Once upon a time there was a State.
I am not talking about them, I says another State.
Do not think of them, right?
They were other people, with other rules and different moral precepts.
Now, I have to say also that at the head of this State there was a government which paid much attention to those rules and precepts.
In a manic way, being honest.
Everything was going in a workmanlike and things went straight according to the road indicated by the government.
And by the Book, the one with the capital B.
Yes, because when burning conflicts arise and there is need to write better stories of the past, there is always somewhere a Book with a capital B.
The day when the government decided to make a general control of the situation came.
So, he started with the ambassadors.
The first ambassador was discovered to be gay, so we are actual.
One out.
The second ambassador was a trans.
Two out, quickly.
The third ambassador lived with a sheep, moreover nymphomaniac.
I mean the sheep.
Three out, with disdain.
The fourth ambassador had dared to legally adopt a baby giraffe, who had been trained since childhood to feign a plush during official visits.
However, the animal grew up and tell me where you can buy an eight meter high plush...
Four out and call the WWF.
The fifth ambassador was gay too, but had staged a mock wedding with a female mannequin, completed with wig and wedding dress.
A perfect ceremony, with honeymoon and scrapbook.
However, at the end the ambassador fell in love and had tried to have children by him, or her, offering to experience any procreative technics among the most modern, without any good luck.
However, when there is love, there is everything and the two had adopted the giraffe taken from the fourth ambassador.
Serious mistake.
So the fifth was caught, denounced by the giraffe, which in the meantime had started a long distance love relationship with the nymphomaniac sheep that seemed to work fine.
In short, a real mess, these embassies.
Because the rest of the ambassadors proved to have hidden in the closet a lot of sexually confused skeletons, at least according to the government.
All out, slamming the door too.
The State was therefore without ambassadors in the world.
No more spokesman where your voice needs to go.
The prime minister called the rest of the government and asked: "We need new ambassadors, people with a full of virtue and righteousness love life. Who among you is available?"
It seems that, even today, all the positions for ambassadors in the world are still free...

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