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Moral stories: Youngest Cryogenically frozen person

Stories and News No. 742

I read that Matheryn Naovaratpong, a two years old Thai girl child, was declared dead in January because of an incurable brain tumor and now is the youngest person in history to be Cryogenically frozen.
With the hope that upon awakening, mankind has discovered not only a way to bring her back to life, but also care to heal her.
What a big shot, betting hope on mankind...

Once upon a time there was a girl.
A dreamer girl.
One of those stubborn.
With masochistic dedication to gamble everything on the ending surprise.
A twist, the virtuosity of the script or just a clumsy deus ex machina, the crucial turning point.
The unexpected turn, that becomes grimace on the face of cynical pro grumblers.
Wishing to claim: ”Improbable stories and plays were fine. The outbreaks of possibilities really survived the utopia’s storm. The one that may convince you that all was just a utopia. So we were right. Then...”
Craving speech, this, meaningful only in the realm of the personal aspirations of our girl, who managed to cross the rugged passing time that devours everything - let alone the vain illusions, reaching the last step with yet another desire.
Freeze me.
Cover me of frost, so I know it well, I met it every day without reciprocate the greeting.
Without getting used to it.
Freeze me and wake me when the world has really changed.
I know it will happen.
A century passed and the woman was awakened.
"The world has changed," the scientists said.
"No... there would still be a country where there are people who feel entitled to say what people have to believe."
"Oh, yes? Then, freeze me again. "
Another century went away.
"Here I am," the woman said. "Any news?"
"The world has just changed," the scientists said. Others, of course, because the former had died.
"Well, not all... there is still a country where many believe they can define others sexual orientation."
"It's not enough for me, freeze me."
Another century left.
"I'm back," the woman said. "What about?"
"The world has changed," the scientists said, or I have to say the robots, otherwise what the hell have science fiction writers told us so far?
"The whole world?"
"Almost," the robot said, "there is still a country that has not yet understood the difference between those who fight for the freedom of all people and the ones who defend the alleged right to deprive others of that same freedom."
"Well, freeze me immediately."
More centuries passed and every time the dreamer girl woke up to ask if the world was finally changed, scientists, robots or not, always replied in the same way: the world has changed, but there is still a country...
Until the woman blurted out: "Excuse me, I have a proposal: instead of me, can you freeze the people of that country?"
Not everybody, right?
Only a few...

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