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Diversity stories: The against nature kingdom

Stories and News No. 752

On May 17 the world celebrated the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

Once upon a time there was a kingdom.

As a kingdom, at the head of the latter there was a king.
A king who had taken being a king very seriously.
Let’s just say a lot.
Infinitely so.
Someday the king who had taken himself very seriously, let's say Infinitely much, decided to finish.
What? You may ask.
Well, the king was tired of all this permissive relativism with the obsession for moral drift and lustful transgression, that’s it.
He was the king and the kingdom belongs to the king, until proved otherwise, this was his thought watching the mirror that morning.
So, he made a proclamation.
Any citizen who was caught in acts against nature would be instantly executed.
The supreme judge of the kingdom, which was a fussy and upright man, promised to enforce the edict in six days.
What followed was a true genocide.
The first day all aviators and each paratrooper, hostesses and stewards, pilots of aircraft of all sorts and the astronauts too, delighted people with the hang gliding and even those who preferred hot-air balloons and airships to powered aircraft, all were destroyed.
Because humans are not flying creatures.
And because flying is against nature.
On the second day all the most incredible athletes, who dedicate themselves to any specialty and distinguished with any kind of world records were slaughtered.
Because if a man would arrogate the right to overcome the human boundary, it means he is daring to fight against his own nature.
On the third day all artists, whatever discipline they loved expressing with were killed.
Storytellers and poets, dancers and singers, painters and even graffiti virtuous, each devoted soul to the noble invention was swept away.
Because art is life.
And because create life is not mortals stuff.
So extremely against nature.
The fourth day the daydreamers were murdered, at least those who had survived previous killings.
Because nature wants us to dream with closed eyes, protected by sleep.
Because imagining alternatives to human reality, even changing scenarios, actors and outcome of the story, is dangerous.
You end up wanting to change too much.
With the risk to stop dreaming and think to really change the world.
This is a privilege of the gods.
So, against nature.
The fifth day was the most difficult of all, because the judge was convinced that, following the logic of his own making, would have to kill all the children.
Because each one of them was stained by any previous sin.
Because all children want to fly and run like wind, creating the world that makes them happier with admiring perpetually dreaming eyes.
Children are so against nature.
On the last day, with blood dripping hand after deletion of all the people, the judge went to the king.
"Did you do what I ordered?" The monarch asked.
"Yes, my king, I've almost finished."
"And what did you miss?"
The judge killed the king.
And then he took his own life.
Because he remembered there was a time.
Where both had flown, or only desired to do it, defeated death, or only equally dreamed, changed the world, or the kingdom, but in their case they had done really.
Tormenting and killing humanity.
The only real against nature crime.

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