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Immigrants stories in italy: Illegal immigrant saves woman's life

Stories and News No. 751

Rome, Italy.
Sobuj Khalifa, a 32 years old man, rescued yesterday a 55 years old woman who had jumped into the Tiber River.
He is a Bangladesh citizen.
A foreigner, a stranger, an immigrant.
Moreover without papers.
So an illegal immigrant too.
Police awarded the man with the residence permit...

They said.
Oh, they said a lot.
They said that once there they would have taken away a lot from me.
The name, to say some.
Replaced by a flood of epithets, most often insultingly.
In the intent, if not in the exact sense.
However, like magic, stories are always born in the intentions.

They said, really.
They said so much.
They said that finally arrived they would have taken my rights.
Nothing special, the least human.
What remains.
Which should remain.
Despite you particularly like to steal most of my life.

They said, I remember.
They surely said.
That many would have tried to tarnish my past and, when I had turned to prevent the abuse, they would have pinched the opposite horizon.
Read as well as the most precious of the landings for forced migrants.
In short, the future.
Making me to live in a cell composed of hardened bars by the least scratched among modern metals.
The present.
That for me, just for me, it should have always been the same.
In order my ‘today’ would have feed their ‘ever’, what sadistic caption said.

They said, I know.
They eagerly said, in fact.
They would have done everything to exhausting myself with the worst illusion.
That anyone, even the weakest and most obtuse among the persecutors of this world, would be able to take me.
What cannot be taken.
If you have carried it with you.
Wherever you came from.

They said, and had almost convinced me.
That I had nothing left.
Luckily we survived.
My humanity.
My courage and love for my fellow creatures.

Luckily for me.
And, look at the case, a woman in the river.

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