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Moral stories: my father’s job

Stories and News No. 753

Right now, in Colombia, the rescuers are trying to save seventeen miners who were trapped in a flooded gold mine.
It seems to have no more than three days…

Once upon a time there was a school.
A normal school, far from favored.
By fate as the administrator of the so-called public affairs.
In the normal school there was a equally ordinary class.
On the other hand, normal or excellence it is, where there is a class here comes a teacher and them.
The sons.
Of mothers, of course.
Of life in general, every color and profile, able to survive the darkened reins of his majesty the prevailing moral.
Of course, fathers’ sons.
"What job does your dad?" The teacher asked.
"Our father fills the others pot," the children of the waiters boldly answered.
"Our father, however, erects bed and shelter to the lives of others", the children of construction workers declared with enthusiasm.
"Our father is a hunter of possible futures," the excited children of migrants confessed.
"Our father, however, try to win the game, despite the referee had already whistled the end and sealed the defeat", the children of the unemployed proudly stated.
"Our father is coming back, just on daylight will be here," the optimistic children of convicts swore.
"Our father, however, will not come back, we must go back to him", the children of divorced dads authoritatively explained.
"Our father is never coming back no matter what we do, but that does not mean we will remain silent," orphan children boldly exclaimed.
"Our dad is better not coming back at all, wherever he is," the children of harassing fathers clearly murmured.
"Our father is us," the children of immature fathers claimed.
"Our dad is the real Robin Hood of humanity: he steals the nature to feed his own people", the many children of agricultural workers shouted in chorus.
"Our father, however, is the world most invincible Jack Sparrow: he can find treasures in the waves with a fishing net as sword ", the persuaded children of employees of the sea replied.
"And what about you?" the teacher asked to the last group of children. "What does your father?"
One among all stood up.
Back there.
On the last benches.
Usually among the most undisciplined, yet mysterious region.
Where the eye beyond the teaching posts of this world goes only to scold.
Or sometimes, to love.
"Our dad work to die," one of the children of the miners hopefully said, "but maybe not today."
Maybe someone will save him.

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