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Republic day 2015 celebrations military parade why?

Stories and News No. 756

Why do Italy and many other countries celebrate Republic Day with a parade of their military force?

Once upon a time there was a country of just three people.
At least in appearance.
And, as they say, looks can be deceiving.
Oh, if it does.

In the only three people country there were natural wealth.
Fully available to the inhabitants.
Water, earth and air, to say what I now remind.
Once a year they meet to celebrate these free gifts by nature.
The only ‘public thing’ (res publica) that should be really celebrated.
Over time, as often happens in human lives, the good coexistence between the three began to falter.
For one reason among the most predictable.
Especially scrolling contrariwise the book of History with a capital aitch.
One of the residents awoke one morning feeling to be the giant of his dreams, he took a breath and informed the other two: "Now I will be the guardian of the water and will defend it with knives, pistols and rifles."
Others believed the idea makes sense, given the value of the gift.
Then they approved without debate, especially before the most convincing of the arguments.
Knives, pistols and rifles.
Later the inevitable happened.
Especially reading the story of the so-called human evolution in reverse.
One of the inhabitants, another, stood up one morning not wanting to be less, he took courage and announced: "Now I will be the guardian of the earth, and I will watch its boundaries with arrows, spears and guns."
The others did not have any objection, since the value of the gift.
Therefore they consented without protest, especially in front of the most persuasive argument.
Arrows, spears and guns.
It was not so long, so the script is completed.
More than ever seeing back the show of human miseries.
One of the inhabitants, the third, took off straight at dawn and eager to emulate the other two, he said: "Now I will be the guardian of the air and will protect it with axes, hand grenades and bazookas."
The others did not have anything to say, aware of the importance of the gift.
Therefore they seconded without question, especially hearing the most effective argument.
Axes, hand grenades and bazookas.
Despite these alleged courageous assumption of responsibility, they did not lose the habit of celebrating the important day.
The ‘public thing’ day, the only worthy of such expression.
Water, earth and air.
Nevertheless, in a sort of transitive property of idiocy, they were convinced that what they must celebrate was not the public thing.
But the most convincing, persuasive and effective between the arguments.
Knives, pistols, rifles and everything else.

Once upon a time there was a country of only three people who were celebrating the ‘public thing’ day.
At least in appearance.
Over time they perpetrated this tradition since the three realized that the public thing belonged to many more people.
As they say, looks can be deceiving.
Oh, if they do.
And doing the guardians of the world would be the only way.
To enjoy the feast.
From the higher stage…

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