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Natural family definition explained by an alien

Stories and News No. 767

Once upon a time there was an alien.
An alien named Buk.
He had been sent long ago on earth to observe.
Writing down.
And, based solely on what his eyes had carefully seen, try to understand.
Once that is done, Buk would have been return to his planet and tell what had understood of mankind.
In particular, his mission was about the human family.
Once at home he was immediately questioned by his colleagues explorers.
"Tell us, Buk, what the human family is founded on?"
The alien made it clear that the earth was very different from them.
On the Buk’s planet family is founded on the union between a person and a book.
A book of stories, of course.
Some of you will wonder how it is possible that a living creature and a book can flirt, let alone procreate, fight with a lot of throwing slippers and smashing plates, then making love again, and unfortunately leaving.
Then remaining friends, but maybe not.
It is, it is very possible, Buk might explain, because in the books of stories you can really find everything.
And there's nothing in the universe that you could not find in a story.
So nothing and no one could be excluded because was considered different or wrong.
"The human family is not founded on the union between a person and a book", Buk wanted immediately to clarify. "They barely read them, let alone promising their eternal love to a novel..."
"But then," his curious friends said, "what wonder more amazing than a union between a person and a book is the human family founded on? A union with a giant cup of strawberries and cream?"
"No, because later they would eat it again and again, so they would betray the first and all subsequent too easily."
"A union with a dip in the waves of crystal water after a smooth run-up on a not too hot sand?"
"No, not at all, because after this run-up they would forget the importance of the adjective crystalline and they would commit, as they always do, fouling up oceans with all the imaginable garbage."
"What about the union with a movie, anyone, able to donate a good laugh in the saddest moment of their lives?"
"No, not really, because you speak about an ephemeral serenity and family, as you all well know, need a long life of it."
"What you think about a union with a dream?"
"Some humans try but when they decide to make their love public, going out hand in hand through the streets, it's as... as if that dream was a balloon and everyone felt entitled to puncture it."
"Union between two humans?"
"Define humans."
"Buk, do not talk like Hal 9000... we mean human beings."
"Forgive me, I am still confused because I heard someone, strong of alleged overcrowding, saying that the family is founded on two specific types humanoids."
"Men and women, the latter under protection, because in their judgment could cause homicides."
"We do not understand at all."
"Me neither, and I was also on the earth."
"However, do you understand if the human family is or is not founded on the union between men and women?"
"Define men and women. No, I am just kidding... calm down. Basing on what I've seen I have not yet understood what the human family is founded on, but I discovered one thing."
"To really understand you have to go inside a real family and not looking at it from the outside as you would do with a painting."
"By asking permission with much, much respect and courtesy."
"And then?"
"And then, perhaps, you would know a little more about what that family is funded on. Regarding the others it would take too long. Only a human person would be so arrogant and megalomaniac to claim to know what are founded on. "
All billion families of the earth...

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