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Government letter anti immigration: original text

Stories and News No. 762

Roberto Maroni, the governor of Lombardy, Italy region, after having informed the mayors, wrote a letter to the prefectures on the possible welcome of immigrants.

*Dear fellow citizens,
we live in difficult times.
And in difficult times we must remain united.
All united towards one goal.
Make our nation ever greater.
To do this we need to have eyes and ears open.
You will have to do so.
So we will.
You know the enemy, you know him well.
And he is among the most dangerous opponent.
Because all of you know him well.
He lives in the opponent building.
You look him out the window.
He passes by on the sidewalk.
He comes in with you in the door.
He is beyond the next door.
And, in some cases, even living in your home.
The enemy is an enemy.
He merges, disguises, pretending to be like us, but its diversity is clearly visible to the clear eye.
He should be recognized, he must be fought with courage and mercilessly beaten.
This is our duty.
This is your duty.
Woe to those who will give asylum to the enemy or will hide him from the government.
Woe to those who do not accomplish their duty to the nation.
This is not intimidation.
This is not a threat.
You have nothing to fear.
If you do your homework.
As good citizens.
We do not ask for extreme actions.
Names and faces.
Addresses and culprits.
Give us a name, an address and a face of the guilty.
We will do what is left.
For you.
Because this is our duty.
Because this you gave us power for.
To make our nation great.
And pure.

*Germany 1938, letter against the Jews by the Nazi government to the families of Berlin.

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